Kawaii Commission Work

I now do commissions. If you need a logo for your blog or shop, a portrait or something else I haven't thought about yet… let me know. I can work with a sketch, a photo or a a logo that you want to have in vector look or format. Here are a couple of examples of my work and for more info and examples go to the kawaii commissions page.

Kawaii Blog Example Logo……..Kawaii Blog Example Logo


Hawaii Kawaii blog about page…        …Hawaii Kawaii Smultron


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6 Responses to Kawaii Commission Work

  1. Charlene

    HI, I love your work too :) is the picture with you & the white hearts an app of some sort?

  2. Lumiya

    Very cute! I especially love the vector style from real photographs. :)

    I do have a (rather random) question though: what is the name of the font you used in the example logo? I've been looking for it for days and it's driving me nuts.. I had it years ago, but since changing computers I've lost it. :(

    Thanks so much!! If I ever get my kawaii blog up someday I'll definitely consider your services. :D

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