Kawaii Contact Lens Cases From Cute Stuffs

These cute contact lens cases from Cute Stuffs are adorable, thankfully I do not need lenses so I would have no use for one of these, but both my parents have had to get glasses in their thirties so …. the day will come soon. Other similar blog posts here: Hello Kitty Contact Lens CaseKawaii Glasses – Cute AccessoriesHello Kitty Glasses – Kawaii Accessories.

Contact lens case in light pink with a cute bunnyWhite contact lens case with a kawaii monkeyCute pink contact lence case with a kawaii cat

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6 Responses to Kawaii Contact Lens Cases From Cute Stuffs

  1. Wow! These are adorable! I wonder if they could be used as a pill box instead? Love them!

  2. Oh they are so cute! But i'm wearing glasses >_<

  3. Awwww, so-freaking cute!
    I would like to have a pair of contact lenses to have an excuse to buy one of those xD

  4. maxine

    These would really suit my taste. I am going to get one or 3 of these, or more maybe?

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