Kawaii Contest At Kawaii Factory

Pinkarol over at Kawaii Factory is having a kawaii contest with prizes from her super cute store. To enter you have to send in the most kawaii picture you can take of yourself and then her readers can vote for their favourite. She has to get in 15 entrys to start the contest so get your entry in today! The chances of winning are really high compared to regular giveaways. Anyway so I thought I would enter and below is my entry picture.
Hawaii Kawaii Pink Hair With Flowers

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11 Responses to Kawaii Contest At Kawaii Factory

  1. sassyNpunk

    oh my! look at that hair! Sweeet! ;)

  2. Fun hair! Sounds like a fun contest too! :-)

  3. Iris

    U are so pretty<3! I would enter too:D!

  4. Not photogenic enough for something like that.

  5. I'm sure the many suggestions you've got presented with your posting. They're just begging which enables it to surely do the job. Nonetheless, the particular articles are too limited for novices. Might just you please lengthen these a little out of up coming period? Appreciation for the particular post.

  6. Thank you Baron! Really useful tips, ideend. I'll give it some more days to decide if I just pick one (seems more reasonable) or two for a 90 day challenge.Again, thank you for taking your time for answering!RomanP.S: ignore my nickname Beowulf.

  7. Hi Jane, Enjoy Hawaii and have a Happy Easter! Wish I were celebrating Easter in the snuhsine instead of the wet, Pacific NW! Finally getting a few days off of work to relax and unwind. It has been brutal the past few months. Ready to unwind and have some family time with a gathering Sunday along with an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Just got finished stuffing eggs! Happy Easter everyone!

  8. Have fun in Hawai! And I love this drawing! (Or howeevr you say it, my english is not that great :P)I was wondering did you get the anna selezneva, out a magazine? And if you did. Which magazine?x

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