Kawaii Plushies By BijouKitty – Teddy Bears And Cupcakes

Oh these plushies are adorable, they are made by Etsy shop Bijou Kitty. The cupcake tower is hilarious and the teddys you just want to hug.
Kawaii Plushie Cupcakes Tower CuteKawaii Plushie Bear Teddy CuteKawaii Plushie Cupcakes In Pink And Brown CuteKawaii Plushie Bear Teddy Cute2

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9 Responses to Kawaii Plushies By BijouKitty – Teddy Bears And Cupcakes

  1. Ooooow the bears has a very very high hug factor :P

  2. Oh wow this is really cute!

  3. The bears are so damn cute!

  4. Oh, That's so cute!! I'd love to have those cupcakes :D Etsy is really a great place for finding cute stuff! ^^

    Do you like J-pop? If you want you can have a look at our blog where we update about japanese music ^^ (It's in Swedish though). Have a good day! :D

  5. Cat

    These are soo cute!! check this out http://bit.ly/qy6VRM

  6. i will check back more often thanks

  7. Paz

    I really like your blog!
    You have lovely stuff <3

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