Kawaii Polar Bear Tea Pot

A kawaii tea pot with a polar bear top and handle. Very cute and perfect for the girly kitchen. I am sad to say I do not know where to buy them. Update: You can buy them here (thanks to Zombuki for letting us know.) Update 2: The shop linked to has shut down.
Kawaii Kitchen Ware Polar Bear Tea Pot

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10 Responses to Kawaii Polar Bear Tea Pot

  1. Dels brukar de sälja tekannor från samma märke på Modcloth samt spana in http://theredbunnyshop.blogspot.com/ – hon har haft tekannorna, men inte just med isbjörnen.

  2. jo

    Yes, it is adorable. Such style and cutness.

  3. how sweet! Is that the same bear from that statue that you posted a while ago?

  4. So, so cute! Would be fun to use!

  5. Rice

    very cute.^w^
    I wish, if I could drink my morning tea from one like this.

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