Kawaii Wallets From Friends With You

I adore Friends With You and all their happy colors and these rainbow colored kawaii wallets are no exception. Happy, happy kawaii!

Friends With You Rainbow Kawaii Wallet PoketoPoketo Kawaii Mushroom and Clouds Blue Wallet Cute colorful Wallets from PoketoCute Kawaii Wallet Poketo

Kawaii Wallet Poketo in rainbow colors

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6 Responses to Kawaii Wallets From Friends With You

  1. jacci

    so cute, they make me smile :)

  2. The one with the clouds is supercute <3

  3. Iris

    Really cute, just make me happy<3!

  4. The happiness they exude is contagious!!! :-)

  5. hani

    so beautiful…h love them….<3

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