Mississippi Mud Cupcakes – Cute Cupcakes

Mmmmm chocolate… what a fantastic sight, Mississippi mud cupcakes. They are made by awesome baking blogger Kristan at Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen and she has published the recipe so you can make them at home to.

Mississippi Mud Cupcake Brownie Recipe

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7 Responses to Mississippi Mud Cupcakes – Cute Cupcakes

  1. jacci

    this is what i will be making this weekend!

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  2. You just gave me diabetes, but I forgive you!

  3. Iris

    Looks so delicious<3!

  4. Mmmm! That cupcake looks so yummy right now!

  5. Ooow! Yummm! Jacci, i come over to taste the result :P

  6. Aqua

    looks delicious. i think i might find the recipe and make it tonight.

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