New Hairdo – Me, Me, Me And Me

I cut bangs and experimented with some bleach, and then had some fun with Photoshop. The necklace is custom made from Di Depux

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8 Responses to New Hairdo – Me, Me, Me And Me

  1. MegaMi May

    Wow, nice hair… And photos. :)

    • Ma LOL E' una bustina porta bento overvo, ci metti dentro la bento-box (e le bacchette) in modo che non si rovesci o apra (di solito poi quelle a due piani non sono "collegate", hanno ognuna chiusura ermetica ma tra loro non si attaccano, quindi serve un elastico o qualcosa che non le faccia dividere). Nella borsa grande, oltre alla bustina, ci metti chess posate o una bottiglia o una side-box (cio una di quelle scatoline pi piccole quadrate) con il dessert o un contorno

    • Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inomrfation.

    • You know Sharon, I just haven't had that problem … yet! He's just 5 and I'm prttey sure he gets loads of help from the adults in packing his stuff up. Now that you mention it, as he gets older, and more independent, I think you're right, I'm going to lose some of it. If I come up with any genius ideas … yoiks … I'll post about it. ; )Jackie.

    • You know, being the cynic that I am, my initial reaction to this story was along the lines of what smellyterror is suggesting. "Imams." Yeah, right.The clever velociraptors are testing each section of the cage, looking for weaknesses.Remember Schwartzkoff's "hail mary pass?" Kept the Iraqis watching all the loud, posturing troop movements along the southern border and at the eastern shoreline, while the actual invasion snuck in from the west.Food for thought.

  2. Marilyn

    really cute colors and cut 8DD <3

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