Nike Donut Sneakers With Sprinkles

Ha ha ha…. are these for real? Nikes with sprinkles.
Donut Sprinkles Nike Sneakers Pink Kawaii Blog
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11 Responses to Nike Donut Sneakers With Sprinkles

  1. Haha! Fantastic! Never saw such awesome nikes as these!

  2. Taylala

    These are tacky as hell! I do love them though, haha. x

  3. I like these, but they make me hungry for donuts! :-)

  4. Emily Forrest

    These are so cool but they must have been customised?? Nike wouldn't sell anything so awesomely kawaii! haha. I love them! xx

  5. the shoes feature very cute design, which is really sweet. Want to get one. Where can i get?

  6. Oh my heck! They're FABULOUS!

  7. Shae

    We could always "make" our own! :D Here's what I would do:
    Buy a pair of pink shoes, make some multi-coloured sprinkles by rolling small bits of coloured clay or whatever and then glue em' to the shoe. It would take a lot of patience and glue, but I think it just might work! You would need to use a really good glue to ensure that the sprinkles don't fall off.

  8. These shoes are so AWSOME i love them <3 is there a way i can get some …? :))

  9. Lollipopgirl

    Where did. you get this cute shoes? My Friend and I am looking for These for hours!
    Please help us!<3

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