Pink Cake Roulades – Kawaii Baking

These fantastic pink cake roulades are made by lovely Heather at Sprinkle Bakes and she published a great tutorial for them aswell. Go bake! More kawaii baking can be found here: Kawaii Cookies – Milk CartonWatermelon CupcakesSprinkle Cake From Sprinkle BakesDonut Cake.

Pink cake roulades with cream and a cherry on top

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15 Responses to Pink Cake Roulades – Kawaii Baking

  1. ooooeeeeeeeeeh! Yummmmmmmmm! ^_^

  2. (♥___♥) I love foods like that!

  3. Cherry

    Looks so yummy<3!

  4. Amy

    Wow, I would love to wear it as a necklace as much I would want to eat it! :D

  5. Those look amazingly good! Yumm! :-)

  6. They're so cute and yummy!

  7. Those look scrumptious. At first, I thought they weren't real at first since the pictures looked so perfect.

  8. Looks so simple and yet so lovely! Now I'm hungry for sweets :)

  9. Jacci

    they look too pretty to eat :)

  10. Aja

    That is so pretty and cool!

  11. sweetheart

    sweet-love you kawaii<3

  12. Lee Sonyul

    jinca masita!

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