Pink My Little Pony Tank Top

Ha ha ha …. a hot pink My Little Pony tank top from PinkiePiexo with pink pony hair. Wierd cute :)

blue haired girl with pink My Little Pony strap dresspink my Little Pony strap dress with hair

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8 Responses to Pink My Little Pony Tank Top

  1. May Kay

    I have that top ^^ Its be Lexi Bee

  2. Gosh! That's frekin' awesome °_Ö

    May I reposte your picture on my blog (of course I 'll link you back ♥)? You look so amazing in this shirt!

    Hugs, Glitzerpony

  3. Love the pretty big eyes and mane! My Little Pony looks like it's smiling–wow–so cute!

  4. Love the mane!! This is an awesome idea!!

  5. Ha ha!! Insane! Love it:D

  6. I think I'd like the shirt better without the hair (I can just imagine that getting in the way while wearing it!), but the model's hair is AMAZING.

  7. I don't know which I like better, the shirt, her tattoos or her hair!

  8. pinky

    Very beautiful. and cute

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