Pink Pentax Camera

Woahhh …. A pink Pentax camera, my dream camera!
Pink Pentax Camera
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10 Responses to Pink Pentax Camera

  1. sweet tooth

    O.O wow must have that!!

  2. Jessica

    Where can you buy one of those? I'm looking for a nice camera that's p ink and this looks perfect!!!!! Please reply soon, thx!

  3. Sarah

    Where can you get that?!

    • Many thanks for vinisitg and liking my blog. Oddly enough, I have a long-time correspondent in the Melbourne area and my niece is currently working as a sports conditioning trainer for one of the Rules football teams in the Melbourne area, having been headhunted from Geelong And I've had a couple of pictures exhibited in Australia as well, despite having never visited. Isn't the internet wonderful?

    • Happy Easter to you and yours, Jane. So lovely that you will have time with fiamly, although writing, too. Deadlines are tough sometimes. We will attend church, then plan on the traditional Eater meal with fiamly. Of course, we'll have an egg hunt beforehand for the grand-kids, ages 2-4. Expecting a lot of giggles and hugs. Peace to you on Easter.

    • Wow, every Friday? That's lovely.You've deftiinely changed my opinion of Hawaii; everyone I know who goes stays at a resort and just drinks/tans/goes clubbing/does unmentionable things (:P) for the entire time they're there. Not really my thing, at least, not for the money and not for that long. But you make me want to visit now; it looks like a great place to explore!Oh, and… IS THAT A BABY MEOWTH??

    • I just recently found out the joys of bento – great start so far!Just wanetd to let you know I gave and your blog an award. If you're interested please stop by mine for details!Happy crafting :Delizabethjayne

  4. Jennifer

    OH MY G!! WHERE CAN I GET THIS CAMERA?!?!?!?!!? I must know!!!!!!

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