Rainbow Hair – Madness Or Cuteness?

Would you ever dye your hair in rainbow colors? I do not think I would have the guts but I admire anyone who would. Rainbow hair would probably be really hard to maintain to (talking myself out of it). It looks real dreamy though…

Rainbow hair in a braid

(pic WiselyChosen)

Curly rainbow hair

(pic WiselyChosen)

Rainbow hair with orange bangs

(pic Erica Jones)

Rainbow hair with bangs

(pic Lisa Garay)

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37 Responses to Rainbow Hair – Madness Or Cuteness?

  1. Jacci

    looks so pretty!
    you must need a really talented hairstylist to do something like this.

  2. It's gorgeous, especially the last picture. But yeah, it's probably really hard to maintain. I think it would be easier to just buy a rainbow-wig =D

  3. LOVE! I wish I could do that to my hair without all the damage though.

  4. Cherry

    I think they are very cute; )!

  5. Oh my!! I'm so so jealous, is it for real or just washable dye? I love it!! I wish i coulddo it, but with black hair is so difficult! And i think my hub doesn't like it ….>_<

    • Sara,I have question.My hair color is dark brown/black. I want to dye my hair into dark red / brudungy. I don't want to bleaching my hair.I want to use permanent dye. I live in Indonesia. Commonly available brands are L'oreal and Garnier. Do you have any suggestions, what color suit me? And which products are right for me and should I use?I also want to have a few streaks/highlights in my hair with bright colors. Such as blonde, or whatever fits.I don't know if it matters, but my skin is yellow Asia. So it might be to adjust the color of my hair.Thank you so much

    • Take a long slow drive through drieeffnt neighborhoods and check out the color schemes along the way this helps in the real world Personally I like earth tones have fun!

    • That's an astute answer to a tricky quioetsn

  6. CUTE
    But I bet its hard to redye the colours!

  7. It looks so beautiful. I, too, wish I had to guts to try and pull it off.

  8. it's actually, very pretty… i'd do it – if i was still young and in college, you can get away with it then.

  9. Lucy Hill

    How 'bout awsomeness? I so want rainbow hair! I don't care if its hard to maintain! I wanna be like Rainbow Dash of My Little Pony!

  10. Ah, this one I can answer! I have just dyed my hair rainbow, and I have had it that way for a couple weeks now. It doesn't look as good as these photos but I like it! As for the color staying, well, it does get muddy and require a lot of upkeep – especially the blue-based colors. It helps if you wash your hair in cold water :)

    Photos here if you want to see!

  11. That's what wigs are for!

  12. WOW! wowowow! the first one is beautiful! <3

  13. Lovely, particularly the last and first picture, but yeah the upkeep of it must be a total drag and it probably kills your hair (and mine is pretty weak to start with) :(

  14. chloeisawesum

    First two are the same person, here is her flickr; http://www.flickr.com/photos/wisely-chosen has had some amazing colours.

  15. I've always had hair color that's considered 'outside of the box'. And I am LOVING this!!!!!!!! Especially love the last pic :)

  16. soooooooooo pretty! i have naturally almost black hair and putting pink streaks in last year was a real nightmare. rainbow— i am going to do it when i am old and my hair goes grey/white.

  17. Popchic

    Rainbow Hair. omg. I don't think I can swear wigs or dye my hair with rainbow colors. But it looks cute tho. :) Spell fashion! <3

  18. Bronwyn

    OMG so dying my hair like this when I move out <3333

  19. Liaana.death.by.glitter

    I used to have a rainbow fringe :) I have had various types of rainbowness in my hair and I didn't need a stylist to do it for me. I did it myself :DDDDD I do my hair myself a lot :)))))

    This link below shows my rainbow fringe I had last yeaar :DD

  20. Liaana


  21. Liaana

    iMA FULLY DO my hair rainbow when I fully move out at the end of this year :DDDD

  22. poppydolly091

    WOW. Looks awesome!!!!! Imagine dressing Sweet Lolita with rainbow hair???????? That's my kind of style…. I'd have to buy a wig!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am going to do this. I did It to my bangs. I do this to my hair all the time. I have dyed my hair 16 times! I am doing this next..

  24. Anita

    I love the two first ones, amazing colors!

    I think it's necessary to add that the last one is photoshopped – in the original photo, which was on deviantART but the photographer has removed it, the hair was a light brown/golden or dark blonde. I've seen this edited version all over the internet and it's a shame that people think it's real when it's not.

  25. Femke

    Cuteness~ I love it. I want to get colorful hair one day for sure, but I'm not doing it until I get a job and I'm sure the employer is okay with it. It seems like the colorfulness would make it hard to get hired >.<

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