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So cool, a serious Rilakkuma Pentax camera. Previous kawaii cameras on Hawaii Kawaii can be seen here: Hello Kitty Camera, Pink Digital HD Camcorder.

Rilakkuma Camera

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26 Responses to Rilakkuma Camera – Kawaii Gadgets

  1. OMG! I would die to have that. Do you know where you can buy it? This is seriously my dream camera! z

    • Anna Jung

      um………. can i have this carmera plese i want for my sister bithday becase she love rilakkuma thing plese if you want to sell than how much is this

    • Anna Jung

      OMG! I would die to have that. Do you know where you can buy it? This is seriously my dream camera! >.<

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  3. Jacci

    i would definitely buy that!

    • Hi,thanks for writing back! I would give beeewtn 150$ and 200$.Hope I can get this watch for the biggest Hawaii-Fan I know Greetings from cold and snowy Austria,Stephanie

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    • Haha, I call my cat Misty "bowling ball butt." Chubchub's easier to say!My cats never liked sweet foods until about 4 years ago. They start livong things like egg tarts, coconut tarts, Japanese cheesecake that I'd bring home from Chinese bakeries, but now they prefer my baking. Weird!

    • I love snail mail. My sister send my kids a lot of cards for the hyadilos and I've started to do it back for her son. It's so much fun getting an unexpected letter or card in the mail.

  4. >_< why did I buy my t2i… i should have waited!!! lol

  5. Oh my! I just got a camera from my hub…maybe i can exchange it :P

  6. Anna Jung


    • Hey Gracie!I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mission, but didn't make it over on this time around have you seen the photo I posted not too long ago from one of the archways there:Thanks for the awesome ideas! I love Mexican food so Check, that's on the list and harbor cruise with YES PLEASE! And I'm totally down with budget-friendly hotels, but if I wanted to head on down to SB for an anniversary or something, do you have a cute B+B or something you'd suggest? Oh, and have you tried Tupelo Junction for breakfast? We hit up that place at about 10am and loved the blend it was like country-style but healthy!!! Cheers!

  7. Anna Jung

    pleses i want it pleses

  8. Anna Jung

    pleses i want pleses pleses pleses pleses pleses pleses pleses pleses pleses pleses pleses pleses !

  9. Anna Jung

    pleses i want this carmera i really want it is this for selling or what pleses if this is for selling pleses tell me pleses!

  10. I have not seen it for sale anywhere, sorry!

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  13. This is marvellous, exaclty like Allison. How blog owners get millions of visitors to their blog. Probably using a SEO service.

    • Wow I would so love to win this!!!Entered on facebook, re-tweeted and joiend by google (even though I thought I was already a follower! Oops!) and will share with all my friends :)Fingers crossed!! Sam xx

    • Hey Kelly, We will have the pricing with the buy bouttn up next week for the 24 count. We keep selling out. Our new shipment will be in on the 8th of July. If you are on our mailing list, you will be one of the first to know:)

    • Hello,All the shops I would have recommended seem to be coveerd already so here's another foody recommendation – Stereo on Renfield Lane. It's a great veggie & vegan cafe/bar, they do really tasty small plates for sharing. It's an old Mackintosh building but it's down such a narrow lane so it's hard to appreciate the exterior properly!

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