Sailor Moon Jewelry – Kawaii Jewelry

The awesome store SassyNpunk has a huge collection of Sailor Moon jewelry, check these out…

A Sailor Moon heart locket
Sailor Moon Heart Locket Necklace Jewelry

Moon Crisis heart errings
Sailor Moon. Moon Crisis Heart Earrings

A Mini Moon necklace
Sailor Moon Mini Moon Necklace

A Sailor Moon charm bracelet
Sailor Moon Charm Bracelet

And a Sailor Moon Neptune transformation stick necklace!
Sailor Moon Neptune Transformation Stick Necklace Jewelry

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10 Responses to Sailor Moon Jewelry – Kawaii Jewelry

  1. kawaiii!!!!! i <3 sailormoon. it's a huge part of my childhood. :)

  2. Nostalgia~~~! (*___*)
    I used to love Sailor Moon and still adore Naoko Takeuchis drawing style.

  3. I will never stop being obsessed with Sailor Moon :D

  4. Awesome!! Like Aidyl said..Nostalgia!! ♥ it!!

  5. Pretty and so cute!

  6. Lulu

    Ja, verkligen nostalgi :D
    Flera av mina sailor moon saker brann upp i en vindsbrand när jag var i tonåren. Det enda jag har kvar är några pins som jag köpte när jag var i Toronto, för här i Sverige fanns det inte så mycket. Men det fanns lite på Åhlens leksaksavdelning, jag fick tjata mig till dom, synd nog, så var den kartongen uppe på vinden när det brann.

  7. The locket is adorable! Looks like it'll be heavy though :S

  8. JohnSon

    Thank for the good material. It work.

  9. Eru

    Waaaa!! *___*
    This items are so beautiful!! <3
    I want them too! *°°°* waaaa
    can you tell me where can I find\buy them?

  10. this is the best watch sailor moon themed album ever!

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