Sentimental Circus Cuteness From San-X

The newest editions to the Sentimental Circus series from San-X (here is a shop where you can buy most of these). Plushies, cell phone cleaners, note books character cards. Cute overload! See more Sentimental Circus stuff here: Sentimental Circus Wallpaper – On My DesktopSentimental Circus Tote Bag.

Sentimental Circus lion, elephant, and bear plushiesSentimental Circus bunnie plushie

Sentimental Circus note booksSentimental Circus Black tote bag from san-xSentimental Circus phone screen cleaner plushiesSentimental Circus memo pads and cards

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14 Responses to Sentimental Circus Cuteness From San-X

  1. Awwwies~ do want the Lion plushie. So cute!<3

  2. I like the one in the tiny hat!

  3. Argh! There is nowhere to buy the items on the webbie you linked…! I want to give them my money…………! *cries*

  4. Oh wow, these are just so cute. I'm usually not a big fan of sanrio, but I just adore this rabbit. I so want those notebooks.

  5. avaloves

    SOSOSO cute! I love sentimental circus, it is my absolutely favourite san-x charackter. So nice to see there are more produckts from them <3<3 I must get the phone clener.

  6. I would really like the notebooks…

  7. awwwwwwwwwww i really love Sentimental Circus ^__^ but here in Italy is very difficult to find kawaii items ;_; ebay is a good source even if the postal service is sooooo bad ;_;

  8. I love San-X! These characters are too cute :)

  9. Ana

    I love everything!! *.*

  10. bea

    This post has literally made my day…and bankrupted my wallet!! major love!!

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