Snow Globe Soap Tutorial

What a great idea, soap with cute figurines inside made to look like snow globes. You can find out exactly how they are made here.

Snowglobe Soap With RaindeerSnowglobe Soap With Raindeers

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9 Responses to Snow Globe Soap Tutorial

  1. Wow, i love it as a gift tip to make a personal soap! Tnx for sharing!

  2. Iris

    Wow! Very cute, I want to try! Hmm…Maybe I can put some flowers inside:,D!

  3. SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing :D

  4. Aja

    I would put some small Sanrio characters in mine ^_^

  5. Very cute idea. There's no end to the neat little things you could put inside your customized soap! I'm thinking these would be great party/wedding favors.

  6. oh, lovely!!!!! and you can keep the deer in the end !!!!!

    ho ho ho…..

  7. I love this tutorial! It's so easy to make a handmade gift, and it means so much more to the recipient. Brilliant!

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