Steering Weel Monster Cover

Oh nooooo, my steering weel is attacking meeeeeeee….. arrrh, arrrrh. These cute monsters where made by MyFriendsAreMonsters.
Kawaii Steering Weel Cover MonsterBlue Kawaii Steering Weel Monster Cover

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8 Responses to Steering Weel Monster Cover

  1. That is just adorable!

  2. Really cute! I could see myself having one of these cute monsters for sure!Would go great with the cute kawaii giveaway I'm having on my blog. :-)

  3. OOoh, i want it! It's already starting to getting colder, and i hate it to drive away with a cold steer :s I love it, i'm gonna repost it if you don't mind ;)

  4. Iris

    Hihiii, very cute<3! Yeah, my computer work again;)).

  5. Omg I love this! What a cute, unique take on boring old steering wheel covers. Might need to repost ;)

  6. annette

    how do i get a fuzy monster steering wheel cover

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