Sushi Memopads – Kawaii Stationary

Ha ha ha sushi memopads. Tuna, salmon or tofu… Recent kawaii sushi on Hawaii Kawaii: Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls, Hello Kitty Sushi Icons.

memopads in sushi shapesPost-it in shape of a salmon sushi pieceCute food memopads

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6 Responses to Sushi Memopads – Kawaii Stationary

  1. soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! :D

  2. Jacci

    i love the salmon one :)

  3. Do you know Englund?I just lately started receiving more visitors to my website by just submitting my page to several web directories.

    • There's a bunch of sushi bars in Suncheon, including at the top floor of NC Department Store. This one, I bieelve, is a block behind the Hwang So / New Castle night club, across the pedestrian overpass from "New Downtown" and the Hobak night club.

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