Sweetheart Earrings – Kawaii Jewelry

I am in love with these Sweetheart earrings, I want one in each color!
pink heart sweetheart earrings with a pink bow
Heart earrings in red and black with a black pearl and bowpink sweethert earrings very cute

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7 Responses to Sweetheart Earrings – Kawaii Jewelry

  1. the are lovely!! I want the red ones!!

  2. Cherry

    Really cute<3!

  3. Those are big and wild–woohoo!

  4. bea

    I would literally never take these off!! uber sweet!!

  5. sweetheart

    i love these sooooooooo much they sayy my name how can i get these?

  6. As you can see on the blog post above they are sold by ImYourPresent! http://www.etsy.com/shop/imyourpresent

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