Tokidoki Tattoos – A Unicorn, A Bird And A Squid

Please give me a Tokidoki tattoooooo…..
tokidoki unicorn by CutlassFury
(pic CutlassFury)
Tokidoki Squids by CutlassFury
(pic CutlassFury)
Tokidoki tattoo unicorn and bird
(pic Zesss)

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14 Responses to Tokidoki Tattoos – A Unicorn, A Bird And A Squid

  1. jacci

    love the unicorn!

  2. I want tokidoki tattoo too ;_;

  3. You made my day with this post. I am a HUGE TokiDoki fan. Named my dog TokiDoki, I'm currently on my 2nd TokiDoki calendar, and I have the Barbie on pre-order. One day, I too hope to have TokiDoki tattoos. <3

  4. They're super-cute (at least for tattoos)!

  5. I have a TokiDoki pizza slice tattoo!

  6. I love those tattoos!!

  7. I love Stellina! She's so pretty ^_^
    oh and of course, kawaii!

  8. Just looove them<3 Super kawaii!!

  9. I love TokiDoki! Super cute :)

  10. Awwwwwwwwwwww cuuuute ♥

  11. ahh did these people really get tokidoki tattoos!!!! how fuckign cute!

  12. TJ

    Amazing. Love these. Wow.
    I love Unicorns so much I created a shop
    and called it

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