Top 10 Halloween Costumes – Kawaii Costumes

10. The Alice in Wonderland costume.

Alice Halloween Costume from Alice in Wonderland

9. A Hello Kitty costume. Yes, of cource I want to be Hello Kitty, if just for one night. Why does a cat need a cat costume anyway…

Halloween Hello Kitty Costume Cat

8. The Pikachu kigurumi pajama costume. For the comfortable one.

Pikachu Halloween Costume Kigurumi

7. The Disney princess costume. Satisfy your inner princess with a Belle costume for Halloween.

Belle Halloween Costume Beauty And The Beast

6. The unicorn tail. Magical!

Rainbow Tail Halloween Costume Unicorn

5. The panda costume. Nawwww….

Panda Halloween costume

4. The cupcake costume. I am really thinking of buying this one… I just have to invite myself to a really great Halloween party so I can show it of.

Halloween Costume Cupcake Cute Kawaii

3. Ghibli monster Costume. The hungry monster 'No Face' from Spirited Away.

Halloween Costume Ghost In Spirited Away

2. The Tokidoki Donut Costume.

Donut Halloween CostumeTokidoki Donutella

1. The Pumpkin Costume. The ultimate Halloween costume is of cource a pumpkin. But why is all the toddler costumes better than the grown-up ones?

Pumpkin Halloween Costume For Kid

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15 Responses to Top 10 Halloween Costumes – Kawaii Costumes

  1. My favorites are Alice and the cupcake one.

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  3. Hahahaha at the ghilbi monster costume. That unicorn tail is indeed magical!

  4. So, I just ordered that cupcake costume like 2 weeks ago! I'm so excited!

  5. Iris

    Cool! Panda costome is the cutest:>! I want to be Alice in the wonderland:)) and I really think, that the cupcake costume is very good for you dear<3!

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  6. I definitely would love to dress as Alice one time XD the dress is just too cute!

  7. Wow! Super cute! My favorites are Alice in Wonderland and the cupcake for me. And the Hello Kitty for the kitty is totally adorable!

  8. Vanessa Salas

    I absolutely love the 'No Face' costume from Spirited Away.

  9. I love that Donutella costume! Looks so professional!

  10. The panda is just too cute… I think it'd be dangerous to go as that, you'll get jumped on

  11. Liaana

    I LOVE THE FIRST FOUR IMAGES!!! Including teh kitty with kitty ears on c: I want all these costuuumeess!!!!!! I used to have a rainbow fringe :DDDDD

  12. Iris C.

    Nice pikachu costume
    Where do get those pj costumes? (since halloween is always cold)
    Anyone know?

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