Touch Screen Gloves

Have you ever tried to use your iPhone when wearing gloves? I have, and it always results in me taking them of and on and of and on… It simply is not very convenient. Well here is the answer, touch screen gloves and they are cute to! You can get them at the etsy shop The Fantastique Plastique Boutique.Touch screen gloves Striped in Black and White

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8 Responses to Touch Screen Gloves

  1. Lisa

    You can also just buy some conductive thread and do it yourself.

    • Mnoelle

      Yep totally! But for those who are less crafty-inclined, don't want to spend money on conductive thread (which isn't that cheap, or easy to find if you don't want to buy online) and want some touch screen gloves right away that are affordable and not boring, these are great! ^_^ Plus, there's no shipping cost on these for US customers and a small amount for everywhere else. wootie woo hoo!

  2. Those are too cool! I hate trying to use my phone when I have gloves on.

  3. I am definitely checking out that boutique, the only shop I know that does touch-screen gloves was Muji and.. Well they're kind of plain so this is a cute alternative ^^

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