Vintage Owl Figurines And Random Cute Ceramics

I love the cute owl lanterns from Modclay but I really want the pitcher. I actually tried to buy it but they did not ship to Sweden. Bummer!

Vintage ceramic owl lanternCeramic Vintage Decorative Pitcher Bud Vasepink ceramic owl lantern figurine vintageTurquoise vintage owl coin bankVintage Ceramic Large Scalloped Shell Bowl, White and TurquoiseWhite vintage ceramic owl lantern

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Filed under Figurines, Kitchen

9 Responses to Vintage Owl Figurines And Random Cute Ceramics

  1. jacci

    i love the pink one :)

  2. Soo cute, thanks for sharing! Maybe you should let them know, maybe there expand their shipping. ^_-

  3. Really cute owls! I love them!

  4. The pink one is super cute. <3

  5. Owlie

    i love these owls!!!!

  6. Owlie

    ops… i didn't note that the comment over mine was the same :O
    In any case, they are cute ;)

  7. Holy cuteness! I love owls!

  8. Neeks

    Really like the blue owl and the shell bowl aqua inside is there any way I could find out where I can buy these from? Thanks

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