Warhol Banana Necklace By Onch

A banana necklace anyone? This Andy Warhol symbol has been turned into a necklace by Onch, you know the guy from Paris Hilton's BFF show. You can visit his store here!

Warhol Banana Necklace Pink Onch Paris Hilton BFFWarhol Banana Necklace Yellow Onch Paris Hilton BFFWarhol Banana Necklace Blue Onch Paris Hilton BFF

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6 Responses to Warhol Banana Necklace By Onch

  1. Jill Valentine

    UGH! Too much money for a necklace that costs $1 to make ):<!

  2. Wow they are awesome!!!A little bit expensive :s, but then you got something special right ;)

  3. Is that a real banana??? :D x

  4. Aloha!! I remembered Onch from the Paris Hilton's BFF Reality Show … I am totally <3 ing this concept. Bananaz. I wonder if I will see anyone sporting it here in Hawaii. :) BoOm.

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