Wicked Hello Kitty Tattoos

Some really gorgeous Hello Kitty tattoos… I fancy the last with the madonna Hello Kitty but my favorite is the first one. I believe it is Hello Kitty as the Greek goddess Athena, she has the armor and the owl that often accompanies Athena. Which do you like the best? Previous Hello Kitty tattoos on Hawaii Kawaii can be seen here: Hello Kitty Tattoo,Hello Kitty Maneki Neko TattooHello Kitty and Cupcake Tattoo.
hello kitty roman tattoo minerva
(pic BigTattooPlanet)
Hello Kitty Jewelry rainbow and cupcake tattoo
(pic source)
hello kitty angel on a cloud tattoo on a cloud
(pic SharpTattoo)
Hello Kitty Madonna Tattoo
(pic A7Blog)

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13 Responses to Wicked Hello Kitty Tattoos

  1. DeborahMilan

    I Like the 2nd & 3rd best =)) Id love a hellokitty tattoo someday ..

  2. bea

    Totally in big love with the last one!! It has Hello Kitty, a Maneki Neko and a cupcake!!! beyond amazing!!!

  3. Amazing artwork! These definitely put my teeny HK tattoo to shame!

  4. they are awesome! I love the 1st, 2nd and the last…wow!!!

  5. I like the cupcake one best. :-)

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  7. Athena

    This is my tattoo and you're exactly right. My name is Athena and told the artist exactly what I wanted. HK as the Goddess Athena! I've been obsessed with HK for a long time and wanted something unique and personal!

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  9. I also have one kittens tattoo on my hand.

  10. Attitude Status

    Making the kitten tattoo on our body gives us a feeling of king. I tried lots of Attitude Status but this one is my favourite.

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