Blue Hair Inspiration

Did you ever want to dye you hair in a crazy color? I am dreaming about blue. I'll never do it though, maybe I would dare to do the ends some day…
Blue Hair With Japanese Buns Kawaii Hair
Blue Turqouise Hair With Japanese Buns Kawaii HairLight Blue Hair In Pony Tail Kawaii HairBlue and Purple Hair Kawaii HairBlue Turqouise Hair With Japanese Girl Kawaii Hair
(Pic sources 1,2,3,4,5)

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29 Responses to Blue Hair Inspiration

  1. Rosa

    IF i have ever wanted to dye my hair a crazy color? I do it pretty much every month. Bright orange with purple tips right now ;)

    • Not really. I watend to say mostly they looked young despite the gray hair, and happy Though sometimes I don't really know for sure how does it feel to be old. Will we be happy or tired or bored or mmm.. I don't mind getting old. But I mind getting old with a need for someone to help me with my daily activities..

    • If you want to keep yourself fisbaonahle and keep everyone fooled as to how you are able to wear so many different hairstyles, you need to know how to choose your hair extensions. You can't just simply walk into a beauty supply store and walk out with just any kind of hair extensions. You may end up with the wrong texture or color. Instead, you need to take a few things into consideration in order for you to find the right ones that work for you.

    • WOW! These are great photos of you and your faimly, Jadyn's a little model. I Love the background, I had no idea they were taken up at Red Rock. Photos are amazing!!!

    • I see, I suspope that would have to be the case.

  2. I love blue hair :) Mine is currently bright pink, but I'm thinking of going for a pastel blue this summer!

  3. I've had almost every color in my hair at some point or another.

  4. I hope to dye my hair blue after May. Royal blues are too pretty!

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    • Oh my goodness I love these! I have never seen a more prefect group of beautiful girls! Each one is so unique, but you can tell they are sisters. So pretty. I love their outfits too, the colors look great.

    • Thank you Erin!! You did such an amazing job with our fmliay pictures, I can't thank you enough!! You too are such a beautiful person and an amazing photographer with so much talent!

  5. Love, love, loveeeee so much♥

  6. So jealous! I wish I had the guts to dye my hair a different colour!

  7. The two-toned one is gorgeous ♥ Though I think I would color my hair pink xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  8. I've always wanted to dye my hair in blue or pink!
    These pictures are so nice!! :-)

  9. Koi

    I'd definitely do lime green! Right now mine's a dark, dark brown.

  10. Froggie

    Where did u get that awesom hair!!!!!

    I want it sooooooo bad

  11. Kristina

    i have dark blue dip dye. :) I love crazy hair colours!!

  12. Super bright blues like that are super hard to maintain anyway (trust a girl who keeps trying!) :/
    Buy yourself a sweet blue wig in the color of your dreams! Cosplay wigs can be pretty cheap, and if you're willing to throw down at least $50, you can get a super heat-resistant one that will take pretty much endless abuse and restyling by all the stuff you use on your own hair. :3 I really love the ones I've got for that reason! My hair just won't hold onto lavender no matter what I do, so I keep one on hand in my favorite shade. X3

  13. I dyed my hair blue recently and it turned out wonderful!

  14. I think the blue hair looks really cool, I dyed my bleached highlights blue once but the only downside was that it did not last for very long as you can imagine. But! I think you should try it at least once in your lifetime :)

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  16. Brittany

    What hair color would you use to get this light blue! Help!

  17. My hair is black. i so want to dye it purple with blue or just lavender

  18. Sarah Martin

    Could someone tell me the best shade of blue for me.

    I am naturally dark blond (but currently dyed red) and have fair skin. It is more of the red toned skin i.e. pinky. I really want blue! What should I go for?

  19. I've had almost every color in my hair at some point or another.

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