Cool Pencil Case Giveaway and Sale

Now that the schools have started you can't get enough of cute pencils, erasers and pencilcases, right? So, I want to let you about a great opportunity to get a hold of kawaii stationary. Cool Pencil Case will launch a huge sale at November 23, going on until November 26. They will offer up to 50% of on a range of products like, all gift sets, all iPhone cases and selected pencil cases (see the pics below). While you wait for the sale to start you can enter the giveaway below for a chance to win $25 in their shop!
Rilakkuma Pencil Cases Kawaii Stationary Blog
Animal Pencil Cases Kawaii Stationary BlogKorilakkuma Pencil Cases Kawaii Stationary Blog

To enter the giveaway just make a comment on this blog post!

For additional entries = more chances to win:

1) Go to Cool Pencil Case and choose your favorite product then come back here and post the link as a comment (1 extra entry)
2) Become a fan of the CoolPencilCaseHawaii Kawaii Facebook pages (1 extra entry)
3) Follow @CoolPencilCase@HawaiiKawaii on Twitter (1 extra entry)
4) Tweet about this giveaway (1 extra entry)
5) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Cool Pencil Case Shop (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to Cool Pencil Case) (1 extra entry)

Important: Make a new comment for each one of your entries. The giveaway ends Thursday November 22. Good luck kawaii lovers!

Kawaii Stationary Giveaway And Sale Kawaii Blog

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171 Responses to Cool Pencil Case Giveaway and Sale

  1. Amz

    Following both on twitter, I'm @blacksunshineiw

  2. I liked both in Facebook :)

  3. Maritza

    I ablsolutely love your blog, I follow you all the time. I visit the site when I'm at school and at home. Thank You.

  4. This is such a great giveaway! I'm definitely joining n.n
    These are so cute AND handy:

  5. I've already been a fan of both on Facebook for quite some time!

  6. and I'm following on Twitter @sarahsaarcasm c:

  7. Ella Daish this is super cute, and so many uses, but so much to choose from!

  8. Ella Daish

    I am like both of you on facebook as ella daish :)

  9. Ella Daish

    I follow you both on twitter as @ellaalovee :)

  10. Ella Daish

    I tweeted and tagged you and cool pencil case as well as the link :)

  11. Valerie Theberge

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Valerie Theberge

    I Become a fan of the CoolPencilCase & Hawaii Kawaii Facebook pages

  13. Valerie Theberge

    I Follow @CoolPencilCase & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter

  14. Alyson S

    My favorite item on is their Sealed with a Kiss Pencil Case!
    I like the one with cats on it ^-^

  15. Alyson S

    I love this blog! You've helped me find so many other kawaii websites and I love all of your giveaways!

  16. Alyson S

    I'm following both of you on Twitter!

  17. Alyson S

    I liked both of the Facebook pages!

  18. Kimberly R.

    I liked both fb pages.

  19. What a lovely giveaway, I love Cool Pencil Case! :)

  20. Already a Facebook fan, user: Pauleen Potter

  21. Already following on Twitter, @PauleenPotter

  22. just became a fan & liked your pages! c:

  23. Valerie

    All the pencil cases on this website are so cute! I hope I win the giveaway! :)

  24. Valerie

    Everything on this website is soo cute!

  25. I followed both on Twitter! Wheeeeee!

  26. Loving these pencil cases..would love to have one in my art studio!

  27. I've "Liked" both pages on Facebook – Yay!!

  28. I like them all …but am drawn to this one..maybe because I *LOVED* my walk-man when I was a kid.

  29. b. m. roberts

    Lots of eye candy :)

  30. Karen Y.

    My head is going to explode with all this cuteness!

  31. Karen Y.

    I (karen_x_yao) follow @CoolPencilCase & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter

  32. Follow both on Facebook as Starrise Roulette :)

  33. This is the cutest giveaway ever!!! :) I love everything from the site but here's my favorite:

  34. Tanya

    I'm already a fan of CoolPencilCase and HawaiiKawaii on FB (Tanya Sakurai)

  35. Sophie

    I love that Rilakkuma set shown at the top!

  36. nada

    thank you for this giveaway please enter me

  37. Follow hawaiikawaii and cool pencil case twitter and their facebook pages too! :D

  38. nada

    i'm a facebook fan as kater nada salhi

  39. nada

    follow on twitter as @thegirlnada

  40. Amber Maloney

    I just love the Rilakkuma Meets Honey Tin Pencil Case (Honey and Roll Cakes) pencil case!

  41. Jamie

    i want a gift certificate!!

  42. Ooh! Such an interesting pencil case! Hope I win!

  43. I just found your site and L♥ve it!! Cool Pencil Case stuff is adorbs ^_^
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  44. I love the pencil pouches! So cute and clever! I'm loving the "Little Traveler's" pencil pouch series.

  45. Just followed both on Twitter. :D

  46. Alina

    I liked both CoolPencilCase and Hawaii Kawaii on Facebook. My name is Alina Danosaur Dan ! (:

  47. Alina

    I followed both CoolPencilCase and Hawaii Kawaii on twitter. My name is MusacNvrSleepzz ! (:

  48. kiki

    Liked both on fb :)

  49. kiki

    I follow both on twitter :) @KiraDeimos

  50. Kelly M

    Facebook pages liked

  51. Kelly M

    Following on twitter

  52. zineb

    I Become a fan of the CoolPencilCase & Hawaii Kawaii Facebook pages as (Aya San)

  53. zineb

    I Follow @CoolPencilCase & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter @JpLinajp

  54. I love the juicebox alarmclock :)!
    The alarmclock that i have now is so boring…:P

  55. I am a fan of Cool Pencil Case and Hawaii Kawaii on Facebook. Emilie Proctor

  56. I follow Cool Pencil case and Hawaii Kawaii on twitter – @emilieproctor

  57. Omg! Its all so cute! Lots of want!

  58. My favourite items are the Tarepanda 2013 monthly planner and the Totoro plush pencilcases.

  59. Already 'Liked' both pages on Facebook.

  60. Already following both on Twitter.

  61. Leticia

    Hi there! Awesome web and awesome giveaway! ^^

  62. Leticia

    Liked both Facebook pages as Leticia Rodríguez.

  63. Leticia

    Following both twitter accounts as @Leticiaiscrazy =)

  64. Saia

    Liked both pages on facebook.

  65. I'm a fan of the CoolPencilCase & Hawaii Kawaii Facebook pages
    My facebook is Ana Gutiérrez

  66. I follow @CoolPencilCase & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter
    My twitter: @Greeneyes0991

  67. What an awesome giveaway!

  68. Pity

    OMG these are my favorites! Are soooooooooooooo LOVELY! ^^

    So cute. I really love cute pens that write well and I find pens with cats and bunnies are the best.

  70. Irene

    This is soo cute *-*

  71. Irene

    It was hard to decide which but I like this one the most!

  72. Irene

    I liked both pages on facebook as Irene Kong

  73. Irene

    Followed both on Twitter! @k_Nerie

  74. I'm fan of the CoolPencilCase & Hawaii Kawaii Facebook pages (as Irit C.).

  75. I follow @CoolPencilCase & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter (as @maliciouscandy).

  76. bita bahmani

    Thank you for the giveaway:O)))))

  77. Ukio Mind


    Thanks for this competition.

    I have problems to choose only one hehe. But if i have to choose randomly i choose this one:

    i love red ridding hood illustrations, rilakkuma and kitties :)

    soo good luck to everyone!

    Have a nice day

  78. Cute stuff! Following on Twitter. :)

  79. Had became a fan of the CoolPencilCase & Hawaii Kawaii Facebook pages! :)
    Facebook Name : Seung Hyune

  80. Had Followed @CoolPencilCase & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter

    Twitter name : @Ltleshowny

  81. Fb like done !

    Fb name: Eusyi yun

  82. Twitter both followed !

    me- > @Ltleshowny

  83. Boyana B

    following and liked both you and cool pencil cases on facebook and twitter C:

  84. I want join this giveaway~! ^^

  85. I liked Cool Pencil Case and Hawaii Kawaii Facebook pages as Hana Sakura

  86. I'm a twitter follower as @pinkuriibon

  87. McJilly Math

    this site is so adorable :)

  88. Christia Joy
    A couple pair of Iphone cases… SUBER ADORABLE. ; w ; I am amzed of the items in your store. Surely, if I had money, I would definitely want to buy something from this site. Thank you~ > w <

  89. Christia Joy

    Also, following on twitter. – w –
    Thank you~ > w <

  90. Anna

    I love the Parisian Sky Butterfly Pencil Case!! asdfghjkl so pretty(:

  91. Anna

    Liked both on Facebook!

  92. Anna

    Following both on Twitter! @anna_wangalang

  93. Followed Twitter boths

  94. Liked fanpages
    fb name 'Seul Mi 사라

  95. Kiki

    My fav is
    I saw my fren used this pensil. it was very adorable. i have to get it too >o< :)

  96. Kiki

    Fb likedd….
    me- Kiki Sun Vi

  97. Kiki

    Tw Followed…..
    me- @Kikichunnie

  98. Comment number one!
    I read this blog a lot, i really should have commented before now :)

  99. I absolutely LOVE these couple cases, makes me wish my boyfriend had an iPhone ;u;

  100. Became a fan of CoolPencilCase & already a fan of Hawaii Kawaii on Facebook! Name is Sapphire Bufton~

  101. amg sooo cute gimme? pwease?

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