Crazy Animal Shoes From Jellyfish

These crazy animal heels and ballerina shoes from Jellyfish are borderline… ugly ha ha. But I like the Chiwawa and Bunny ballerinas though. What do you think?
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10 Responses to Crazy Animal Shoes From Jellyfish

  1. Really .. Really ugly.

  2. I agree. Love those chiwawa shoes:)!

  3. Hahahaha normally I love crazy shoes, but these are just the wrong kind of crazy :P

  4. I love them :O
    But Im a crazy animal lady haha

  5. Willa

    WHOA! Why are they so expensive??

  6. I Love them, but would never wear them >_<

  7. poppydolly091

    These are CRAZY!!!!! especially the blue one with the spikes- and the cat face with pink lips!!!!!

  8. I wanna rock those unicorn shoes!

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