Crazy Animal Shoes From Jellyfish

These crazy animal heels and ballerina shoes from Jellyfish are borderline… ugly ha ha. But I like the Chiwawa and Bunny ballerinas though. What do you think?
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20 Responses to Crazy Animal Shoes From Jellyfish

  1. Really .. Really ugly.

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  2. I agree. Love those chiwawa shoes:)!

  3. Hahahaha normally I love crazy shoes, but these are just the wrong kind of crazy :P

  4. I love them :O
    But Im a crazy animal lady haha

  5. Willa

    WHOA! Why are they so expensive??

    • Molls,<3 this post. But so that the record is clear, I reerfred to Lil' CoCo as Renesmenee to explain my Jacob's unstoppable desire to be close to Casey (i.e., Bella)Hope that the Renesmenee situation made up for Jake's lack of seersucker at the Baby-Cue. Now if only we had handed out all of the bookmark favors .alj (btws, GAGA + GLEE = !!!!!!)

    • AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH KAWAIIIIII LATTE DESUUUU~ watashiwa notiiamiiii <3actually no, i'll just stare and enjoy the artwork. kekekekeawwwhh i just stumbled upon yr jrnal! howd u get to work in the 2 places I REALLY WANT TO WORK IN… XDso u can speak korean and japanese too? hahahahacome by visit my page sometimes. xx

    • I like the girl in white too ^^ Although I also like the design of the pruple dress, and I think the pattern on the red dress is really awesome! I love gothic lolita stuff too suneo's last blog post..

    • Betty; Hi! I think that s so good that you use cheaper cohtles. And I did that a lot too in NW. Like the last tour almost everything was from Forever 21 in our US tour;=) Why buy really expensive things just for the sake of it? I buy some expensive things like Marni and Prada, if it s things I feel I can use over and over again, but if its some "thing" or fashion statement I get from H&M and Gina Tricot and so on.

  6. I Love them, but would never wear them >_<

  7. poppydolly091

    These are CRAZY!!!!! especially the blue one with the spikes- and the cat face with pink lips!!!!!

    • I took it out of the Valley. Was in Pioneer Square in a tight parking space. We nocited 4 homeless guys standing around, smiling and talking. They actually helped us get the truck parked without hitting a pole. We bought their breakfast! So simple goal is to follow my heart and look for opportunities to give a little every day. Nancy

    • I have those Toms–and I love them! Cute and comfortable; what could be betetr?n I can't wear the devil's tall heels any more but these make me miss them a little less.

    • Hi ewok1993 –I have to 'fess up and say that I often deliberately avoid pleacs that I know will have lots of kids about… but it's also true enough that one sometimes can't help but end up having kids in one's photos. ;bHi Carver –Thanks for your comments. And your photographing children 'rule' makes sense to me! :)

    • Your idea of home improvement stores is right on! I don't understand the hate of some people. Shame on them! I've gone to home improvement stores on Saturday mornings, and three times, while wearing cute clothes, I got help/flirting/conversation there. Any group activity with men will do. Biking/golf/tennis/running clubs are a good bed. Become a regular at a coffeehouse that attracts men of your age group, Saturday mornings are great with cyclists and exercisers. Culture clubs, hiking clubs,…make a list and try!I think the internet is good as long as you have an attractive photo and profile. Ignore the negative nellies…have fun while on your search and your vibration will attract like kind.

  8. I wanna rock those unicorn shoes!

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