Crazy Wigs By Patricia Field

OMG!! These wigs are so over the top its RIDICULOUS! Some of them looks more like hats to be honest. I would love to have the first fluffy bunny wig, but what would you wear with it?  
Bunny Wig Rabbit Ears Wig Crazy Costume Wigs Kawaii Blog
Hello Kitty Wig Crazy Costume Wigs Kawaii BlogBlond Afro Wig Crazy Costume Wigs Kawaii BlogGold Cat Wig Gold Wig Crazy Costume Wigs Kawaii Blog

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7 Responses to Crazy Wigs By Patricia Field

  1. Koi

    Cute, but could you actually wear those in public?! Maybe if you had a nice outfit along with it you could pull it off… :P

  2. I totally love the bunny style!

  3. I love the Hello Kitty styled wig, i would wear it at one of the theme party's of my BF

  4. I love these! Wouldn't be able to wear them many places though hahaha

  5. Samantha

    Those hair dues are so UGLY i would never wear those in PUBLIC!

    I agree with Koi

  6. Lisa Cannon

    Do you sell these wigs? I am very interested in the gold kitty ears.

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