Cupcake Fridge Magnets – Kawaii In The Kitchen

I love these cupcake fridge magets from 12LegsCuriosities.
Cupcake Fridge Magnets Kawaii Cupcake Kawaii Blog

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9 Responses to Cupcake Fridge Magnets – Kawaii In The Kitchen

  1. waay too cute:) and they last for long as well!

  2. So lovely! Looks really nomnomnomable! :>

  3. Sarah

    These are just too cute! Every kitchen needs these! xx

  4. Yum Yum Yummy! These are super cute. Would make me want a cupcake all the time though! ;)


  5. So cute! I thought they were real at first glance!

  6. I have a new bookmark just for cute house stuff that you post haha

  7. Bel

    You can never have enough cupcake related things hey, they are so cute!

  8. Julie james

    How do I order these

  9. Niru

    Pl send me quote for 500pc. Wat matetial is
    cupcake made of?

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