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He he he… inhale cupcakes to loose weight. Fun but I would not trust this to help me loose any kilos… I found this crazy thing through the kawaii blog MyKawaiiSpace.
Vaportrim Cupcake Flavor Inhaler Kawaii Gadget Blog
Vaportrim Flavor Inhaler Kawaii Gadget Blog

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10 Responses to Cupcake Inhalers – Kawaii Gadgets

  1. Koi

    This is a funny way to lose weight….So, if I bought this, I smell it everyday to resist the urge to eat an actual cupcake, pretty much? Sometimes I wonder what's in people's heads these days….Anything to make money, I guess.

  2. I can't imagine it will work :P
    I think it only makes me more hungrier, because i smell the cupcakes, but my stomach won't agree with it,hahaha, just like Koi said, it's just a money making business

  3. Im not sure if it would work but I wont say know to cupcake breath!

  4. Emily

    Thanks for sharing :) Crazy eh?! I don't think it will work xx Emily – My Kawaii Space xx

  5. Kristina

    i really needed this when i was in London. In my town, we don't have many cupcake shops, but when i was there i ate way too much of them..

  6. That's a pretty neat gadget, shame though the whole 'weight loss' thing is attatched to it. I think it would made a fun and quirky gift, but then I'd still give a real cupcake to go along with it haha

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