Cupcake With Cupcake On Top

Mmmm a cupcake decorated with a cupcake, brilliant! Get the recipe at BakedPerfection.
Cupcakes With Cupcake Decor from Baked Perfection Blog

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6 Responses to Cupcake With Cupcake On Top

  1. I loved this idea from the very first moment I saw it some time ago! I have yet to make them though. So hungry right now…

  2. Yes, brilliant is the right word;)♥!

  3. Froggie

    MMMMMMM that looks so good. My mouth is watering.

    I like the red thing on top

  4. Double the tastiness :D :D

  5. Ho my God, this is adorable!!
    It makes me hungry ;-)

  6. Oh man that looks amazing O_O

    Now imagine that mini cupcake inside the bigger cupcake….*dies*

    ~ Kieli ~

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