Cute Skull Nails Tutorial

Want to know how to make these cute skull nails? Check out this great skull nail tutorial at Syl & Sam!
Skull Nails Tutorial Kawaii Nail Blog Kawaii BloggingSkull Nails Tutorial Kawaii Nail Blog Kawaii Blogging

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12 Responses to Cute Skull Nails Tutorial

  1. Misty Chaos

    That is awesome (!!) :D

  2. great inspiration – I will try this style next weekend ^^

  3. I love this! It looks like the skull from Soul Eater :]

  4. so cute! must try this!

  5. I want some! Trying that, but with pink instead of black :>

  6. Mia

    Thheese nails are sooo cute

  7. Krys

    I love so much the white skull in the back, where do you get it?

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