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Dancing Toy Cat Iphone Gadget Kawaii Cute Blog

Dancing Cat Gif Dancing Toy Cat Iphone Gadget Kawaii Cute Blog

Ha ha ha… Fabulous, a crazy dancing cat. If you plug him in to an Iphone and he will sing and dance in sync with the music you play. I want one!!! 

Boasting more moves than a drunk at a disco, this big fluffy kitty makes a brilliant (and hilarious) alternative to your boring standard speakers. Just flick on your tunes and set him going. He’ll happily shimmy along like the life and soul of the party, without a care in the world.

You can buy your own fluffy dancing cat at Firebox. (via)

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6 Responses to Dancing Iphone Cat – Kawaii Gadgets

  1. I dunno' which creeps me out more, this or the dancing flowers that were popular many years ago xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. HAHA, this is possibly my favorite thing I've seen you post. I want this!

  3. I want him to show of when I have a party at home. He would surely be the center of attention!

  4. Such a cute kitty! :-) Jennifer

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