Hello Kitty Café In Seoul

These are pictures taken by the lovely blogger IcoSnap who visited the Hello Kitty Café in Seoul. Check out her blog post about it here, with even more cute pictures.
Hello Kitty Café Restaurant in Seoul
Hello Kitty Café in Seoul Hello Kitty ChairsHello Kitty Café in Seoul 2

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5 Responses to Hello Kitty Café In Seoul

  1. OOOH! I wish i could visit it! I think i would smile from ear to ear :P

  2. I wanna eat a cupcake there =)!
    I also love the use of very much pink because that's my favourite color :D!

  3. Koi

    Ca-Yoooooooott!! I love how only those Koreans and Japanese can make the coolest–and cutest–things in just about the world.

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