Hello Kitty Mushroom Chair – Kawaii Interior

Ha ha ha… a Hello Kitty mushroom chair
Hello Kitty Mushroom Chair Kawaii Interior Kawaii Blog

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4 Responses to Hello Kitty Mushroom Chair – Kawaii Interior

  1. Haha! That seems like an awkward chair. At least it's cute!

    • Ha ha ha, yes it doesn't look particularly comfy.

    • Wow! Great thkngini! JK

    • I've enjoyed the Garden Reports. Love what you're doing. I love patlns and have a green thumb & arms but have no patience for a garden. I always buy the seeds and tell myself that I WILL plant a veggie garden. It's not gonna happen this Spring so I will watch and learn from your experiences.Oh the Yellow wagon. I remember playing with a yellow wagon as a child. Oh the memories *CHEERS*

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