Hello Kitty & Tokidoki Necklace Giveaway With Tragic Stitches

Yay, it's giveaway time! This time we have an absolutely adorable price, a Hello Kitty Tokidoki kawaii pastel necklace. It is custom made for this giveaway by jewelry designer Erina from Tragic Stitches kawaii shop. I am so jealous of whoever wins this one. Check it out!
Hello Kitty Tokidoki Necklace Kawaii Jewelry Blog
Hello Kitty Tokidoki Giveaway Necklace Kawaii Jewelry Blog 2
Hello Kitty Tokidoki Necklace Kawaii Jewelry Blog 3Hello Kitty Tokidoki Necklace Kawaii Jewelry Blog

To enter the giveaway just make a comment on this blog post!

For additional entries = more chances to win:
1) Go to Tragic Stitches and choose your favorite product then come back here and post the link as a comment (1 extra entry)
2) Become a follower of the Tragic Stitches blog.
3) Become a fan of the Tragic Stitches and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages (1 extra entry)
4) Tweet about this kawaii giveaway and @TragicStitches (1 extra entry)
5) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Tragic Stitches Shop (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to Tragic Stitches) (1 extra entry)

Important: Make a new comment for each one of your entries. The giveaway ends Monday April 2nd. Good luck cutie pies!

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189 Responses to Hello Kitty & Tokidoki Necklace Giveaway With Tragic Stitches

  1. Laura

    Ahhh very cute necklace!

  2. Laura

    and I follow them at Tumblr now.
    (Don't know if that counts? )

  3. Kawaii LeCuirot


  4. Kawaii LeCuirot

    Liked both pages

  5. Kawaii LeCuirot

    following blogs

  6. I love the combination of kawaii and weird, so this Hello Kitty as a shrimp necklace caught my eye:

  7. Also following Tragic Stitches blog via google.

  8. Tara

    Ah super cute!

  9. bea


  10. bea

    ive become follower and liked both FB pages! thanks :)

  11. I love the Gymnastic MLP necklace! It's soooo cute!!

  12. And a follower at twitter and "liked" at facebook!

  13. Followed blog and both facebook pages.

  14. And last but not least I love the Kawaii Owl necklace at the shop. Gorgeous!


  15. Such a cute necklace !!

  16. My favourite Tragic Stitches product is the Jem and the Holograms necklace ;)

  17. Followed the Tragic stitches blog (my account Hélène Nelene)

  18. I became a fan on facebook and was already a fan of your page (name Hélène Graeff)

  19. Thats really cute, but I dont think its something Id wear so I wont take up any entries hehe
    Good luck to everyone!

  20. Poffie

    omg awesommeee ;D
    i would reallllyyyy wanna win this ;


    its all so cutee ^^

  21. marie

    very cute neckless for spring =]

  22. Following the Tragic Stitches Blog!

  23. Fan of both Facebook Pages!

  24. and I'm following the blog now!

  25. April Maranan

    2) Become a follower of the Tragic Stitches blog.

    Followed! User Name: Apes

  26. April Maranan

    3) Become a fan of the Tragic Stitches and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages (1 extra entry)

    Became a fan of Tragic Stitches and already a fan of Hawaii Kawaii on FB! ;D

  27. April Maranan

    4) Tweet about this giveaway and @TragicStitches (1 extra entry)

    Tweeted! User Name: Teacher_Apes

  28. Princess KeyRey

    Gosh, it looks like a candy necklace @_@ I wanna eat it…

  29. Meghan T.

    I love this blog and I love this necklace!!!!

  30. Meghan T.

    My favorite item from the esty store is her Jem Misfits Pizzazz Necklace! I loved that show as a kid and the necklace is so cute!

  31. Meghan T.

    I am now following the blog!

  32. Meghan T.

    I have liked both pages on FB!

  33. Rebecca Keim

    Rebecca would loooove to win :D ♥

  34. Rebecca Keim

    I really like this, I guess it's just the child in me :D

  35. Rebecca Keim

    I am now a fan of both tragic stiches,and hawaii kawaii, under the name of Rebecca Keim

  36. Is this international? count me in ^^

  37. Amy

    I love it! So cute!

  38. Amy

    I became a follower of the Tragic Stitches blog.

  39. Amy

    I became a fan of the Tragic Stitches and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages.

  40. So cute, I hope I win this one!

  41. I liked both pages on facebook. My facebook name is Brittany Collins and my url is facebook.com/themoeturtle

  42. vivienne

    i love it! its soooooooooo….. adorable! kawaii

  43. Intrinsically Florrie

    What a wonderful giveaway! They have so many cute pieces but I am picking this Ona necklace as my favourite: http://www.etsy.com/listing/94671909/ona-neopets-kawaii-necklace-pastel

    Florrie x

  44. I am following the Tragic Stitches blog :)

    Florrie x

  45. I have liked both the the Facebook pages.

    Florrie x

  46. Tiger

    What kawaii necklace **^^**

  47. ellie

    i am now following tragic stitches! i also tweeted and followed/posted on facebook:

  48. Claudia

    Hehe it's super cayyuute ! I freaking <3<3<3 hellokitty … :D

  49. Claudia

    This necklace is cayyuute I've never seen anything like it and I freaking <3 hellokitty … :D!


  51. OMG! such a cute necklace!!!!!!!!:D
    I reallly want that neckace! im like inlove with HK! This necklace can make my collection bigger and better!!!!!

  52. I'm following all, in blogspot i'm Layka and in facebook i'm Layka silvia millan.
    My favourite product is http://www.etsy.com/listing/95648240/my-little-pony-pinkie-pie-necklace-80s

  53. So cute! I <3 toki doki & HK =^.^=

  54. Hello! I can't choose just one favourite product so I'll tell you some of them :D
    -Mickey Mouse Necklace baby Mickey kawaii big red bow Disney(http://www.etsy.com/listing/95648663/mickey-mouse-necklace-baby-mickey-kawaii)
    -Hello Kitty Necklace donutella tokidoki fruit fruty fruits rainbow straberries pineapples(http://www.etsy.com/listing/94002039/hello-kitty-necklace-donutella-tokidoki)
    -Ornate Watch Part Necklace Steampink Gothic Victorian Gears n Steam(http://www.etsy.com/listing/85259585/ornate-watch-part-necklace-steampink)
    -Mori Girl Dear Darling Deer Girl Collage Necklace to wear while you play in the forest or at a fairy tea party(http://www.etsy.com/listing/88300423/mori-girl-dear-darling-deer-girl-collage)

  55. I'm a follower of the Tragic Stitches blog.
    My name in google friends connect: Ana Babydoll

  56. I'm a fan of the Tragic Stitches page in facebook
    My facebook: Ana Gutiérrez

  57. I'm a fan of the Hawaii Kawaii facebook page
    My facebook: Ana Gutiérrez

  58. Tiffany

    I'm also a fan of both facebook pages!

  59. Paula Goulart

    Oh I can´t see the post I wrote yesterday… :(
    But both HawaiiKawaii and Tragic Stitches were already liked on FB!!!

    My favorite:

    Pony Powder in a necklace?!! AMAZING!!!

    I´m in love with Tragic Stitches!!! And always love the news from Hawaii Kawaii blog :D

  60. Micia

    follower of the Tragic Stitches blog
    gfc micia

  61. Micia

    fan of the Tragic Stitches and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook
    silvia gaglia

  62. Amz

    Im now following their blog

  63. *0* This is so cute I want to win xD

  64. Amz

    Tweeted, Im @blacksunshineiw

  65. Became a follower of the Tragic Stitches blog.

  66. Michelle Tran

    OMG!!!!!!! this necklace is sooooooo KAWAII!!!~ omg omg.. me want it…. :) so deliciously CUTE!!!!! muahmuahmuah <3

  67. I am a fan of the 2 pages =) (Allystar kawaii)

  68. KittyCombo

    I just melted from cuteness!!! LOVE…LOVE…LOVE. So my style of necklaces!!!!!

  69. Rosa

    My free entry~

  70. Rosa

    I have liked both FB pages!

  71. veda

    I liked borth facebook pages!

  72. Celeste

    That necklace is super KAWAII!!!

  73. Celeste

    I love the Pink Takochu Kawaii Necklace! It's the perfect blend of my two favorite colors!

  74. Celeste

    I am no following Tragic Stitches blog

  75. Celeste

    I have liked both Facebook pages

  76. Sunny

    I love them all, but this Kuromi one is my absolute FAVORITE♥
    http://www.etsy.com/listing/95756168/hello-kitty-as-kuromi-kawaii-necklace ENTRY 1

  77. Sunny

    Entry #3 I'm a fan of the Tragic Stitches & Hawaii Kawaii FB Pages xD

  78. Sunny

    Entry #4 Topic Tweet!!
    Sunny Villegas ‏ @sunnyrawrz
    SUPER ADORABLE GIVEAWAY!! @TragicStitches JOIN NOW!! http://www.hawaiikawaii.net/2012/hello-kitty-tokidoki-necklace-giveaway-with-tragic-stitches/
    10:37 AM – 25 Mar 12 via web · Details

  79. Kat Oneha

    Kawaii desu!

  80. That is such a gorgeous necklace. Unfortunately I'm too old for it :( but it's perfect for my daughter! A school show-and-tell item for sure :)

  81. Chrissy man

    I want it. It's so so cute. I'm a big hello kitty fan even at 35 haha
    I'm following u on fb :)

  82. Ari

    Like Hawaii Kawaii and Tragic Stitches on FB! :)

  83. Amy Orvin

    fav product from Tragic Stitches-http://www.etsy.com/listing/79562641/little-twin-stars-mini-jewelry-box


  84. Amy Orvin

    GFC follower of the Tragic Stitches blog as Amy Orvin

  85. Amy Orvin

    Facebook fan of the Tragic Stitches and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages
    as Amy Orvin


  86. Amy Orvin



  87. Shae

    I love that necklace!! So cute! :D

  88. Shae

    My favourite item in the shop is the Hello Kitty Icecream Cone Necklace! :D

  89. Shae

    I am a fan of Tragic Stitches and Hawaii Kawaii on facebook :D

  90. Mrs.Rockni

    awwwwwwww soo kawaii!!! *O*

  91. I'm a fan of Hawaii Kawaii's facebook and Tragic Stitches facebook pages!

    Under the name Christina Paik. :)

  92. I'm now following Tragic Stitches blog with Google Connect under the name Christina Paik. :)

  93. Made a blog post with a link to this giveaway AND a link to Tragic Stitches shop here:


  94. Ege Önal

    great necklace!

  95. SHINee rules

    oh man!! so many nice things!!!!
    can't choose!!!!
    but seeing as a i must….

  96. Wanda

    Fan both pages!!! Luv it!!!

  97. ooh i WANT that necklace! its sooo cute :)


  98. This is a great piece to wear with a cute dress for this spring!

  99. The necklace is so cute!

  100. Crystalskully

    Such a beautiful necklace!

    I love this Munny from the store

  101. Doreen Mulman


  102. Ashley

    Gah! The necklace is so cute! ^.^

  103. Ashley

    I love this Kathie Olivas necklace. She's one of my favorite artists! <3


  104. Ashley

    Following Tragic Stitches blog ^.^

  105. Ashley

    Following on Facebook. ^.^

  106. Amber

    So cute! I'm entering! :D

  107. valerie

    cute necklace! the winner will be a lucky one ;o

  108. Stephanie

    ohmaigah! TOKIDOKI CUTENESS!

  109. Stephanie

    following your blog now~~

  110. hi,
    i would love tot join this give away!
    with love,

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  112. Churi Chan

    To tally love this necklace! :D
    I also followed her blog, liked both you facebookpages and twittered about it :D

  113. Michelle Tran

    omg omg.. this necklace is so cute.. :) as well as the hello kitty giveaway necklace <3 sooo kawaiiii~~~ <3


    • nynnie

      I must have this, I want to give it to my niece! (being the poor aunt is rough when you have such a cute neice!!!)
      I liked the two facebook pages, is that considered 'becoming a fan'?

  114. Sarah

    Oh my! Cutest necklace ever! I'm in love! <3

  115. Amanda Sullivan

    Looove this! http://www.etsy.com/listing/96502160/carousel-merry-go-round-kawaii-necklace

    Added both FB pages yay! And following both blogs of course <3

  116. Jessie Edwards

    Love it!

  117. Lauren

    I am completely in love with this necklace!!

  118. Jessica

    the cutest!

  119. Ella Kitty

    Your work and the necklace is absolutely adorable <3

  120. Ella Kitty

    I have followed on twitter

  121. Ella Kitty

    I have tweeted about the giveaway and tragic stitches https://twitter.com/#!/ellaalovee/status/187924020543496192

  122. Ella Kitty

    I have become a fan/liked both pages on face book

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  124. cha! (star sprinkle)

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/96702017/my-little-pony-kawaii-necklace-lolita (my favorite) . http://www.etsy.com/shop/TragicStitches?page=2 (this is the shop.) and I do 4 of the 5! (please let me win!!!)

  125. cha! (star sprinkle)

    because I come from the Netherlands, can I also say that they (my friends) on Hyves.nl on the blog and the shop must come! and also to look at this giveaway. : (go on google translate!) ga op de winkel van Tragic Stitches! het zijn hele mooie kawaii en lolita sieraden! dit is de site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TragicStitches?page=3 . jullie moeten ook de blog bekijken! http://www.tragicstitches.com en op twitter https://twitter.com/#!/TragicStitches . en zie dit: http://www.hawaiikawaii.net/2012/hello-kitty-tokidoki-necklace-giveaway-with-tragic-stitches/#comment-28772 jullie zouden dan ook ff op HawaiiKawaii moeten kijken: http://www.hawaiikawaii.net . het is echt geweldig!

  126. Honey Bunny

    Yay! I'm in! ^_^

  127. Nice blog here! Additionally your site quite a bit up fast! What host are you the usage of? Can I get your associate hyperlink on your host? I desire my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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