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I adore all things Jetoy, especially the Choo Choo Cats, and these fans are no exceptions. They would be perfect for the hot summer days. Unfortunately there are no real shops in Europe or US that sells Jetoy (correct me if I am wrong) so the easiest way to buy these would be to search for "Jetoy" on Ebay. That is where I have bought all my Jetoy stuff. 
Jetoy Choo Choo Cat Fan Kawaii Blog 2Jetoy Choo Choo Cat Fan Kawaii BlogJetoy Choo Choo Cat Fan Kawaii Blog3

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6 Responses to Jetoy Choo Choo Fan – Kawaii Accessories

  1. Aww, so adorable and cute:>♥!!

  2. Men det där var ju helt galet gulligt! Jag AVGUDAR den lilla Alice i Underlandet-katten! :3

  3. Hi ^^
    This is very very cute! I didn't know the name of this kawaii kitty, but I always save in my computer some images that I found on web.
    I love it and I like so much of your site <3
    Kisses…from a brazilian fan xD

  4. benedetta

    omg….I sooooooooo love jetoy choo choo….I found something from a korean seller on…It's really sad that nobody sell jetoy's stuff in Italy, where I live….

  5. Koi

    Very cute! Unlike some, this is the first time I've heard of Jetoy Choo Choo. My favorite cat in the second picture is the Alice one.

  6. A.L. Designs Jewelry

    Love your site!!! Many cute stuff and I love these cats!!!

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