Ji Ji Kiki Kawaii Shop

I want to introduce one of our lovely new sponsors the Kawaii shop Ji Ji Kiki. Here is a selection of my favorite items from their web shop. Loads of cuteness!
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7 Responses to Ji Ji Kiki Kawaii Shop

  1. That bag is the cutest!!

  2. Jessy-chan

    I want that bag!!! Oh, and the necklaces are pretty cute too!! (mainly the kitty!)

  3. I would totally buys things if it weren't in the UK! :(

  4. A banana bunny!

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. I have that bag in turquoise! Bought it at a marked in Singapore, and there are so many people that ask me where to get one:) Thanks! Now I know where to send them, since Singapore is on the other side of the world and it's a bit far to go just for a bag. Even if it is very cute;)

  6. Beatrice

    How can I buy the Cupcake Kitten???? Please, I want it!

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