Kawaii Aparel By Antisparkle

Have you seen all the cute stuff from Antisparkle? I love the star design, he looks so angry.
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8 Responses to Kawaii Aparel By Antisparkle

  1. Love the earrings, they remind me of Tokidoki!

  2. Lisa

    Totally a TokiDoki rip off…bet they wouldn't be too happy to see this!

    • I found just what I was needed, and it was eniaetrintng!

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    • Hi ytsl,I picked these setikcrs as they were the only Hello Kitty setikcrs in a local store. I myself would like Hello Kitty & the MTR if there are such setikcrs. Fun project for a fun camera.

  3. Your article was exlnecelt and erudite.

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