Kawaii Blog Tips And Tricks – Ask Me!

I get a lot of questions on how to go about when starting and growing a blog. I have some things that I think is important but I also want to know what you all think and what you want answers to. So what do you want to know? Go crazy! I will answer the questions in a series of posts with tips and tricks on how to create a blog with lots of traffic. Update: Here is the blog posts written so far in the series of Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks!

Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks Kawaii

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20 Responses to Kawaii Blog Tips And Tricks – Ask Me!

  1. Koi

    How do you update everyday? How do you get all the pictures & stuffs?

    • Usually I do searches at We Heart It, Pinterest and on Google Images. I also visit a lot of blogs and Tumblers. An important thing is to save the links to where I found the good stuff then I can go back some months later and see if there is any new things posted. I will make a more extensive list in a blog post on this topic. Good question!

  2. How do you find the right people who will advertise and promote you? We're having a hard time kind of starting off our blog.

    • That is a question regarding marketing and it is a really hard question to answer. But in short you should work out what your niche is and if it is 'candy' then candy should be present everywhere, in the name of the blog, in the URL of the blog, in the pictures you post and in the titles and the texts of your blog posts.
      Also think about who is selling what you are posting about, those are the ones you should focus on. However I believe it is important to first focus on developing your blog and wait a while before you start looking for sponsors.

  3. How do you get the word out about your blog?

    Where do you list it, or promote it, so that people even know it exists???

    • This is a case om doing many different things and also to keep track on what things actually generate traffic. To do that you first need a traffic statistic tool like Statcounter or Analytics. That way you can see what really works and what does not.
      Things to do in the early stages to promote a blog: Comment on other blogs in the same genre (but no spamming), exchange links and badges with other bloggers, exchange articles with other bloggers, host giveaways, make a Facebook and Twitter page, submit your articles to bigger blogs and let them know they can use your content if they just link back to you.
      Lastly I want to say that there are big differences between the different blog tools in how well Google can read them. Blogger is one of the worst platforms from that perspective so if you are really serious I recommend you to switch to selfhosted wordpress. My traffic increased with 100% shortly after I switched from Blogger to WordPress.

  4. Iris

    How did you get all the sponsors and readers:,D?

    • Most of my sponsors actually contact me and ask about the prize of my ad space. My best advice to get sponsors is to work hard to build traffic and also work on the look and content of your blog. So how to build traffic and readers? Your question has so many answers that I can't fit them all in here. But some of them I mentioned in my answer to Heater's question. In addition to that, you should post every day, always use pictures and decide which key-words that is the most important for your blog. To help Google find you on the key-words try to incorporate the most important key-word everywhere in your blog.

  5. Hello!
    My friend and I have recently started a blog and are a trying to set up a store for our site. We are a BIG fan of your site (especially me) and I am always checking for updates. It would be awesome if you could visit our website and give us any tips. We are at…
    We blog almost everyday and are in love with kawaii things. We are a lot younger than you though… Any tips?

    Nikki and Carissa

  6. Hi Nikki!

    Wow, you have made a really great start! At the top of my head here are some things I would do: Post bigger pictures, name the pictures (so Google can read them), make sure the pictures are not blurry, longer titles for your blog posts (also good for Google), comment A LOT on other blogs, work on getting a cohesive look throughout the blog, start tweeting, think about which sidebar widget is most important (does it generate traffic?) and put that at the top. Something like that… I hope that helps. ❤

  7. Thank you!
    These tips helped a lot! I will do what I can to make it better.
    Thank you for your time and help! I will am always checking out your new posts! You are an awesome blogger! Probably the best I know…
    Thanks again!

  8. Also, please check out our site again. We wrote a post for you!

  9. Hope you liked it!
    And it was no problem.
    How can I contact you for any ???'s and such?

    • If it concerns blogging you should comment here, that way other readers can benefit if they have the same questions. Other questions can be emailed to me and the email address can be found higher up in the left column. Just click the "email me" button.

  10. I had a question for you about exchanging links with other bloggers. What is the best way to do this? Do you just contact authors of blogs you like (that are in the same genre) and ask? Thanks!

  11. Yes that is indeed the best way, email is the best :)

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