Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks #4 – Learn From Your Popular Posts

This is the fourth post about kawaii blogging tips and tricks. This time I want to tell you all to pay close attention to how your recent and previous blog posts are doing. This is one of the easiest ways of finding out what your readers like, what is working and what is not. Sometimes I think I have made a great blog post only to find that it got zero attention. Similarly I sometimes post things that I did not think would ever be popular and everybody loved it. Study the good blog posts and post more of the same things. You should watch the number of comments a post gets but maybe even more important is to look at the amount of traffic a post receives.

But how do I see which blog posts get the most traffic? Most blog platforms have addons to measure this. Self-hosted WordPress has a plugin widget called Top 10 which I use. The free hosted version of WordPress has this function built in and Blogger probably has a widget for this. There are also statistic tools that can measure this type of traffic for you.

I browse through the list of my most popular posts quite often and so I thought I would put together a list of the ten most popular kawaii blog posts of the last two months here on Hawaii Kawaii. This way you can see what works for me. Click on the links to see the full posts. Good luck with the blogging and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about anything.

10. The Bunny iPhone – Kawaii iPhone Cases
Rabito Bunny Iphone Case Kawaii Iphone Cover Blog

9. Rilakkuma Wallpaper – Kawaii Backgrounds
Rilakkuma Wallpaper Background In Pink Wallpaper Blog

8. Panda Onigiri Rice Balls – Kawaii Food
Panda Onigiri Balls Panda Sushi Food Blog

7. Pokemon Pikachu Nails – Kawaii Nail Art
Game Nail Art Pokemon Pikachu Nails Blog

6. Cupcake Nails – Kawaii Beauty
Cupcake Nails Kawaii Nail Art Blog

5. Rainbow Cake. Again.
Rainbow Cake Kawaii Cakes Kawaii Food Blog

4. Iphone 4 Bow Cases – Kawaii Iphone Accessories
Iphone Bow Cases In Pastel Kawaii Iphone Blog

3. Cloudy Sky Jello Tutorial
Blue Sky Jello Cream Tutorial Blog

2. Bow Tattoos, Lots Of Them…
Bow Tattoos Wrist Kawaii Bow Tattoo Blog

1. The number one post – Hello Kitty Glasses – Kawaii Accessories
Hello Kitty Glasses Kawaii Glasses Accessories Blog

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10 Responses to Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks #4 – Learn From Your Popular Posts

  1. I love this series of posts they are very helpful :D

  2. Thanks for the tips! ^^ those posts are great, that's why they're so popular ;3

  3. Samantha

    I love the IPONE Bunny case it's soooooo cute OMG i want it

  4. lillys

    I love your nails . It s inspire me thank you

  5. Bethany Mota

    Sorry, guys. I have that pink Iphone Case and is way too cool!!! <3

  6. Bethany Mota

    Thank you <3

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