Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks #2 – Pictures In Every Blog Post

Pictures Kawaii Blogging Tricks

This is the second blog post in the series of blog posts on blogging tips and tricks. This time I want to address using pictures when blogging. I think that it is super important to always have a picture in each blog post. Many readers, including myself, like to browse blog posts with out having to spend very much time on reading. I never follow blogs that do not post pictures. The pictures does not even have to be related to the post. Of course if you have a blog on philosophy or some other heavy subject the text would be the prominent feature. However I believe a picture never hurts and I do not know any really big blog, not any, that does not use pictures. I am not saying they do not exist but that if you want to skip the pics you have to be a brilliant writer.

One more thing, always name your pictures! I get loads of traffic through Google images so I strongly recommend to mind this issue. Google can not read pictures so you have to describe the picture in text for the search engines to be able to know what it portrays. You should pack the image with as much information as you can. In Blogger this is more difficult than in for example WordPress but if you can name it do it. Write a description (the 'alt' field) and also name it befor you upload it. Then the pic gets a nice URL with loads of keywords.

Was this post was useful for you? If not please comment and tell me what you want me to address in later posts.
Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks Kawaii 2


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7 Responses to Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks #2 – Pictures In Every Blog Post

  1. I also loove pictures in posts, but they should keep good quality :)

  2. Iris

    Yeah, this was very useful! Thanks a lot:)!
    I agree, photos are important and the quality as well.

  3. WHOA, totally didn't know that about naming them and whatnot. Thank you!!

  4. Once again, something that I take advantage of and it's very sound advice for any blog to use!

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