Kawaii Decora Molds – DIY Accessories

Make your own cute accessories with these silicone molds. You can find them and many more here.
BOW Mold Flexible Silicone Kawaii Decoden Flatback Flat Back MouldMICKEY MOUSE DONUT Mold Flexible Silicone Kawaii Decoden Flatback Flat Back Mould DoughnutBOW Mold Flexible Silicone Mold Kawaii Decoden Flatback Flat Back Hello Kitty BowFlower Mold DIY Cute Decora Kawaii Blog

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10 Responses to Kawaii Decora Molds – DIY Accessories

  1. I see that first bow and all I can think is "Bow ties are cool!"

  2. Yvonne South

    Can these be used for cake decorating by cutting sugar paste and fondant icing?

  3. Pia Lopez

    Great for accessaries and rings.

  4. I so want these! This would help me make things when I can finally learn how to use polymer clay xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. Wow! Thank you for featuring my molds on your blog! :)

    To answer your question, Yvonne, yes they can be used with sugar paste and fondant. They can be used with just about anything. The most common uses are polymer clay, resin, chocolate (!), and fondant.

    There is no mold release necessary. They are made of silicone and nothing sticks to it. They ARE food safe. :)

    Thanks, again!
    BlueTomatoes on etsy

  6. I love these molds do you have a wedsite that shows what you have?


  7. clara

    sooo cute!!!
    love the flower

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