Kawaii Giveaway With Bored Inc

It is giveaway time, yay! This massive giveaway will include kawaii products with a value of over $70 from kawaii shop Bored Inc. The prizes are as follows: A Friends Forever Plush Set,  2 Necklaces (Winner chooses designs), 2 Charms (Winner chooses designs), 2 Prints 5×7 (Winner chooses designs), 2 Coloring Books (1 Friends Forever & 1 Stinky Poo). All of these cute products will go to one super lucky winner.

Kawaii Charms Bored Inc Kawaii ShopKawaii Plushies Bored Inc Kawaii Shop
Kawaii Coloring Books Bored Inc Kawaii ShopKawaii Necklaces Bored Inc Kawaii ShopKawaii Prints Bored Inc Kawaii Shop

To enter the giveaway just make a comment on this blog post!

For additional entries = more chances to win:
1) Go to Bored Inc and choose your favorite product then come back here and post the link as a comment (1 extra entry)
2) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Bored Inc Shop (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to Bored Inc) (1 extra entry)
Tweet about this giveaway (1 extra entry)
4) Follow @BoredInc@HawaiiKawaii on Twitter (1 extra entry)
5) Become a fan of the Bored IncHawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages (1 extra entry)

Important: Make a new comment for each one of your entries. The giveaway ends Wednesday July 11. Good luck kawaii lovers!

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235 Responses to Kawaii Giveaway With Bored Inc

  1. ooh great giveaway! x

  2. Angela

    How adorable! Such an awesome giveaway :3 Good luck to everyone!!

  3. Another Giveaway! Yaya! Thanks so much :)

  4. cLare

    im following both on twitter @cLare_beaR_ x

  5. cLare

    ive RTed about the giveaway too :) x

  6. Angela

    LOL! This is the best shirt ever: http://www.boredinc.net/womens-i-pity-poo-tee
    My fav product XD

  7. cLare

    … and my fave item is this print http://www.boredinc.net/kokeshi-print so cute! x

  8. Angela

    Following both on Twitter! @AngelaMastal

  9. Angela

    Liked BoredInc on Facebook though I already like Hawaii Kawaii :)

  10. Angela

    Tweeted about the giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win this cute stuff! <3

  11. Irene

    I like this Party Poo tee the best :D hehehe

  12. :O so want to enter this !!!

  13. I love the hedgehog tee!!! They have the BEST STUFF! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  14. I follow you both on Twitter! @JustJingle

  15. I like both Facebook pages!

  16. I'm a twitter follower of you and bored inc! @rarabesh

  17. I am a facebook fan of you guys and bored inc! :) Raphael(le) Temple

  18. Sakura

    I looovvvee the smarty poo plushie!! Check it out: http://www.boredinc.net/smarty-poo-plushie

  19. Sakura

    following bored inc. on twitter!!

  20. Jenny

    wow such a great deal!

  21. Ella Kitty

    This is such a great kawaii giveaway ^_^ thanks for the chance of winning these goodies!

  22. Ella Kitty

    I follow Hawaiikawaii and Bored inc on twitter as @ellaalovee (ella daish)

  23. Ella Kitty

    I like both Hawaiikawaii and Bored inc on facebook as ella daish

  24. YAY so cute and lovely! Please oh please! xoxo

  25. rebecca

    I couldn't pick between the mushroom tee and the Mushrooms Appliqué.

  26. rebecca

    liked on facebook :)

  27. Tinny

    Followed both on twitter: tinny0_o

  28. Laura

    Ahh I love Bored Inc. :)

  29. Laura

    I love this Deer in Boots top, it's so cute and really wearable :)

  30. Laura

    liked both on facebook as Laura Parker

  31. Laura

    followed both on twitter as @lauraparkerrr

  32. Tinny

    followed both on facebook: Tink Louie

  33. Stephanie T.

    Awesome! I have the mermaid print at home!

  34. Such pretty stuff!!! I'd love to win ^_^

  35. Amy Orvin

    My comment is Thank you for the giveaway!! Everything is sooo cute, I 'd love to win.


  36. Amy Orvin



  37. Amy Orvin

    Following @BoredInc & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter as @amyorvin


  38. Amy Orvin

    Became a fan of the Bored Inc & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages as Amy Orvin


  39. Twitter follower of both accounts as @PauleenPotter

  40. Fan of both Facebook pages, also as Pauleen Potter

  41. Natalie E

    Now following both @BoredInc and @HawaiiKawaii:)

  42. Natalie E

    Just tweeted about this sweet giveaway:)

  43. Abi

    I really want to win! :) good luck everyone!

  44. Abi

    My favourite thing from bored inc is the narwhal and donuts print! http://www.boredinc.net/print-narwhal-donuts

  45. kiki

    oh I love these plushies *-*

  46. kiki

    Twitted about this giveaway!
    I'm @KiraDeimos

  47. kiki

    I follow both of you on twitter

  48. kiki

    I liked both on facebook as Kira Deimos

  49. marie

    i like this one Life is Sweet' Tee

  50. Elisa

    it sounds great!

  51. Amz

    Tweeted, Im @blacksunshineiw

  52. Amz

    following on twitter

  53. I'm also following you both on Twitter @sarahsaarcasm

  54. and I liked on Facebook n.n

  55. ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  56. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆彡 THIS IS MY FAVORITE BECAUSE MY HUSBAND WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS – I HOPE I WIN SO I CAN THIS TO HIM TEEHEE – http://www.boredinc.net/friends-forever-plush-set



  59. Hurray! This giveaway looks amazing~

  60. Cara

    Wooohooo, I'll definitely enter this :)

  61. Cara

    I have followed both contacts on Twitter :)

  62. sadie

    I wan them…. ill give u pie!

  63. Followed both on Twitter: @Taylalatbh

  64. Liked both on FB: Tayla Jay

  65. michal

    Ooh its soo cute!

  66. my favourite product is Friends Forever Plush Set

  67. Pippi

    the magnet 'Milk Mustache' is my favorite!

  68. Pippi

    twitter: @frudsels

  69. OMG SUCH CUTE PRODUCTS SO KAWAII~ ;_______; *hearts*

  70. Followed both accounts on Twitter: @celinieee

  71. This is a great giveaway, I am also tweeting about it. Twitter handle is vintagelex

  72. Ohhh!! *.* I'd like to join this giveaway ^^.Let's see if I'm the lucky one hehe :P

  73. I follow @BoredInc & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter
    My twitter: @Greeneyes0991

  74. I'm a fan of the Bored Inc & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages
    My facebook: Ana Gutiérrez

  75. Tania

    Entering the giveaway! ^^

  76. Tania

    On Bored Inc I love the Women's Pooquito Tee! So cute and funny!

  77. Tania

    I liked you both on FB, My FB name is Tania Minguet

  78. Geneva

    Give away participant!! c:

  79. Geneva

    My fav item is the Yummies Side Pocket Purse http://www.boredinc.net/yummies-side-pocket-purse

  80. Geneva

    I liked both on facebook :3
    Facebook: Geneva Muccio

  81. Sunita Magar

    Hi, I really like this: http://www.boredinc.net/womens-smarty-poo-tee (Size M, if I do win) :D
    I am following both on twitter: MissMagar anddd I tweeted about this giveaway!

    3 entries for me! Thank you!

  82. Sarah M.

    Ah such cute things! I want! xD >o<!

  83. Sarah M.

    Already a fan of Hawaii Kawaii, and just liked Bored Inc. on facebook! :3

  84. Pippi

    facebook: frudsels

  85. Pippi



    i love everything, it is soooo cute!

  86. Hannah

    So cute! :3

  87. Georgette

    nice giveaway…i would love to win those cute gifts =)

  88. Georgette

    smarty poo tote bag is my favorite LOL http://www.boredinc.net/smarty-poo-tote-bag

  89. Georgette

    follow both on twitter @georgy21

  90. Georgette

    liked both on facebook as Georgette Luna

  91. What a lovely giveaway :)!

  92. http://www.boredinc.net/magnet-be-firm-gentle
    This magnet is cute and funny ^^! I really need magnets for my cute magnet board in the kitchen ;)!

  93. Ghia

    So much kawaii goodness being given away here! Wow! :)

  94. Ghia

    http://www.boredinc.net/kokeshi-bird-necklace <– My favorite item, though the cutie poo necklace was a close second!!!
    Also, now following Bored Inc. on Facebook.

  95. I follow you both on twitter :)!

  96. Que lindos!! muchas gracias por este sorteo!

  97. Ya soy seguidora en Facebook *.*!
    Mj Fullbuster

  98. Siguiendo en twitter =)

  99. Tanya

    I liked FB pages (Tanya Sakurai)

  100. Kelly M

    Enter me plz~

  101. Kelly M

    My favorite product, http://www.boredinc.net/yummies-kisslock-purse. Just love the print~

  102. Kelly M

    Followed @HyperKellogs

  103. Kelly M

    Liked both pages!

  104. Lina Jp Aya

    awesome giveaway i hop i win my favorite product is Hedgehog Tote Bag

  105. Lina Jp Aya

    i Follow @BoredInc & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter as @JpLinajp

  106. Lina Jp Aya

    i like Bored Inc & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages as Lina Jp Aya

  107. What a great giveaway!

  108. This tote bag is one of my favourite product at Bored Inc. So cute! http://www.boredinc.net/mushroom-tote-bag

  109. So cute! I'm no good with giveaways I can never win anything =P lol I shall try my best, this is a super awesome giveaway! Such cute prizes!

  110. http://www.boredinc.net/card-love-who-you-are-kokeshi It was hard to decide between all the cute items! but this one has such a good message and its super cute! =)

  111. http://kikums.tumblr.com/ I blogged about the giveaway on my Tumblr! Included in my blog post is a link to this Hawaii Kawaii blog post and a link to Bored Inc.

  112. I tweeted about the giveaway! =) @KikaKikums

  113. Already following @HawaiiKawaii but now I am officially following both
    @BoredInc and @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter! My Twitter is @KikaKikums

  114. I became a fan of the Bored Inc & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages!


  115. my favorite product at boredinc is Friends Forever Plush Set

  116. I followed @HawaiiKawaii dan @boredinc on twitter (my username is @me_lovebunny)

  117. I become fan of Bored Inc and Hawaii Kawaii on facebook (my account is Amanda Apriani)

  118. Felina

    These are so cute!

  119. I'm a fan of Bored Inc's facebook page and Hawaii Kawaii's facebook page.

  120. I'm now following @BoredInc and @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter

  121. Gisell

    I love Kawaii products!! :)

  122. Gisell

    This one is my favorite! It's super cute =^-^=

  123. Gisell

    I am following both on twitter now! my twitter is @Gisell2920

  124. Gisell

    I am a fan of Bored Inc and Hawaii Kawaii's as Gisell Marrugo Yee=^-^=

    It is cute to be bored with this cute characters haha!

  125. Irene

    I'm following HawaiiKawaii and Bored Inc. on twitter! –@k_Nerie

  126. i like the tp cover! super handy & cute!

  127. I love this http://www.boredinc.net/crabby-cakes-onesie my little one would look great in it! :D

  128. I Follow @BoredInc & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter (I'm @JewelleryCafe )

  129. Felicity

    This is a great giveaway, so cute!

  130. I really love all U can do!!! You're both so greaaat!! ;)

  131. http://www.boredinc.net/friends-forever-plush-set …. and this is absolutely my fave product, it's so cute!! :)

  132. Favourite Product: http://www.boredinc.net/toilet-paper-cover
    Retweet as "SuperNerky" on Twitter
    Liked both pages as "Triseratops" on Facebook.

  133. I liked both fb pages! Imani Lequin

  134. I followed both twitter accounts @ImaniLequin

  135. Hilda Marie Argumosa

    Kawaiitastic I really wanna join I'm like a kawaii rilakkuma LOVER

  136. It's difficult to find well-informed people on this topic, but you
    sound like you know what you're talking about!

  137. I am sorry I missed this, I especially love the 'stinky poo' and T.P. so cute & funny! All the best, sweet kawaii friend! xoxo

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