Kawaii Jewelry From SassyNpunk

Have you seen all the cute kawaii jewelry from SassyNpunk?
Kawaii Cloud Earrings From Sassy N Punk Blog
Pusheen Unicorn Earrings From Sassy N Punk BlogKawaii Cat Rings From Sassy N Punk Blog

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11 Responses to Kawaii Jewelry From SassyNpunk

  1. They're adorable, but I'm curious if the shop owner was given permission to use the Pusheen comic for those earrings. http://www.pusheen.com

  2. Kristina

    I love the clouds, they're so sweet. *-*

  3. I ADORE SassyNpunk! There are so many awesome things! ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  4. Those cat rings! I love SassynPunk. I just want to own everything in the shop c:

  5. Kash

    Aren't those cat rings similar to the sleeping animals in baskets you get, which are usually made from real fur?

    I hope not :(

  6. I love Sassy n Punk :D

  7. @Mary – you don't need to worry, we work closely with Pusheen and all of our partner stores! =)

  8. Winni

    Where can I get those cat rings?!?! I can't find them anywhere. D:

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