Kawaii Kastle Decoden Giveaway Winner

So, it is now time (sorry about the delay…) to announce the winner of the Kawaii Kastle Decoden Giveaway. As you may know the fabulous prizes, there is more than one,  are from the kawaii shop Kawaii Kastle, and the winner is… Sarah Rodriguez! Congratulations! You will be contacted shortly so that the prizes of your choosing can be sent to you.Decoden-Kawaii-Giveaway-iPhone-cases-Kawaii-Blog

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4 Responses to Kawaii Kastle Decoden Giveaway Winner

  1. Thanks. The wood is 3/4" that I salvaged from an old bolskheof. Yeah I had to think about the lateral rigidity of the bench the hinge points at the legs and middle joint are fine because there isn't much chance of tweakage there. I originally was going to use piano hinges but they are pretty pricey. I put three hinges at the wall joint to combat lateral movement and I used really long screws so that there isn't much chance of them pulling out of the wall. Also, I took down all my tool holding panels, ran a 2 4 at the top and bottom so that I could hit three studs and really have some strength at the wall. Then I put the tool panels back up on the 2 4's. Eventually I'll paint the bench so it doesn't look so gnarly. If I was using this for something other than an oily tool bench a person could get some really nice 3/4" and some antique brass hinges and have a really beautiful fold down platform.

  2. Bonjour RoxanneJ e9coute ton nouvel album avec grand pliiasr.Le 19 novembre prochain, nous featons le 10e anniversaire de la Fondation Lani e0 La Cabane en bois rond, e0 partir de 17h30. Souper, te9moignages et musique au menu. Tout cela dans la convivialite9. La musique, on veut que ce soit une soire9e abjambb of9 les gens pourront chanter et jouer de la guitare dans un contexte informel, comme un party maison. Alors si dans ton horaire tre8s occupe9, il y a un petit trou ce soir-le0, nous serions fort choye9s . Et peu importe si tu chantes ou pas, tu fais partie des personnes qui ont place9 des pierres dans la construction de la Fondation Lani. Emouvant de voir ce qu'elle apporte aux jeunes en difficulte9. J'attends de tes nouvelles. Au pliiasr Andre9e

  3. Hi Roxanne. Just wanted to say how much Cyndi and I enyjeod your living room show at The Creekview last night. Intimate, excellent and friendly! You mentioned Joe Strummer, have you heard him post-Clash with the Mescaleros? More cool tunes. Thanks for playing our tiny corner of the world, see you next time. When you're not driving or conversing with your GPS, check us out on fb to see what we do.

  4. Dhe

    roxanne:Have become aware of you trhguoh CBC Radio which I can pick up in Detroit. Your music just knocks me out. Do you have any plans of coming to the states, particularly Detroit? I believe you would find considerable fans here and your music would be highly appreciated. Best wishes for a long and productive career.Mike

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