Kawaii Kit Giveaway With Ji Ji Kiki

Yes! It is giveaway time again. This time there is a super kawaii kit on the line from the kawaii shop Ji Ji Kiki which includes a super cute kawaii t-shirt, a panda necklace, a waffle ring and, a Deer Love 5×7" digital high quality print created from original artwork by Kate Cooper. All of this will go to one winner!
Kawaii T-Shirt Giveaway Purple Kawaii Shop JiJi KiKi Kawaii Blog

To enter the giveaway just make a comment on this blog post!

For additional entries = more chances to win:
1) Go to Ji Ji Kiki and choose your favorite product then come back here and post the link as a comment (1 extra entry)
2) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Ji Ji Kiki Shop (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to Ji Ji Kiki) (1 extra entry)
Tweet about this giveaway (1 extra entry)
4) Follow @JiJiKiki & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter (1 extra entry)
5) Become a follower of Ji Ji KikiHawaii Kawaii on Pinterest (1 extra entry)
6) Become a fan of the Ji Ji KikiHawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages (1 extra entry)

Important: Make a new comment for each one of your entries. The giveaway ends Thursday June 14. Good luck cutie pies!

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247 Responses to Kawaii Kit Giveaway With Ji Ji Kiki

  1. Such cute items! I would love to enter.

  2. Following both JiJiKiKi and HawaiiKawaii on twitter! I am RarasJewels on there!

  3. kathelijn

    those are sooo cute <3

  4. Ohmy so much cuteness *_*!

  5. Haha that cakestache ring has to be my favorite! http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1460
    It's genius!

  6. I'm following @JiJiKiki & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter @sarahsaarcasm!

  7. Also following both on pinterest c:

  8. and I became a fan of the facebook pages!

  9. I liked both the facebook pages!

  10. I follow @JiJiKiki & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter!



  11. I am a fan of the Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages

    Emilie Proctor

  12. April

    love all your stuff its to cute.

  13. April

    followed jijikiki and hawaiikawaaii on twitter and on facebook. i'm pandagirl666200 on twitter

  14. April

    this is simply gorgeous beyond compare http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1188 it truly reminds me of the early 1930's style purses

  15. Amy McEwen

    Kawaii makes me happy ^_^

  16. HannahBananaj

    I'm following Jijikiki and HawaiiKawaii on twitter :)
    These items are so cute :D

  17. Evelina

    This is wonderful♪ ♫ , I adore things with pandas on them ^ ᴥ ^ <3 Everything in general is too good to give away o: ahh~

  18. va

    excellent gift set , love the ring and t shirt .
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  19. Tiia

    What a lovely giveaway, thank you for the chance! :) <3

  20. Tiia

    I'm now fan of Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii on facebook !^_^

  21. va

    liked both pages already / ana amanti
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  22. Shae bear :3

    I love this shop! :D

  23. Shae bear :3

    http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1825 My favourite item in the shop! :D

  24. Shae bear :3

    I liked both Hawaii Kawaii and Ji Ji Kiki on facebook. :D

  25. Wietz

    This one is the most cutest of them all

  26. Sam Brook

    I love Ji Ji KiKi

  27. All of those items are so cute- jewelry that looks like food is the best!

  28. Lucy

    I Love Ji Ji Kiki, its one of my favourite online shops! :)

  29. I would love to win this, you can never have too much kawaii stuff, I do not have enough!

  30. http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1824

    Took me a while to pick a favorite, I just love little kawaii ghosts! So sweet!

  31. Zoe

    Liked Ji Ji kiki on facebook

  32. I just liked you both on facebook and followed you on Twitter! I also posted a tweet about this giveaway! I am very excited for new updates! Thank you!

  33. Wehaf

    Ah, so cute!

  34. Chani

    What a lovely giveaway!

  35. Chani

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  36. Chani

    I follow you on FB!

  37. Ella Kitty

    Awwe i love the t-shirt, it's all such a sweet kawaii treat ^-^!

  38. Ella Kitty

    on jiji kiki this super cute polaroid is my favourite: http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1459

  39. Followed both on Twitter: @taylalatbh

  40. Fan of both on FB: Tayla Jay

  41. Ella Kitty

    i have followed both twitter accounts :) As @ellaalovee/ella daish

  42. Ella Kitty

    I follow both on facebook as ella daish :)

  43. Jenny

    i love the panda earrings!

  44. Jenny

    i followed both on twitter

  45. Jenny

    i am a fan of both facebook pages

  46. Aisling

    Adorable! >.<
    Great items :3

  47. Aisling

    And followed both :)

  48. Aisling

    Followed both :P

  49. Hunter W.

    The Field of Flowers dress is so cute. :)

  50. Laura

    oooh yes please :)

  51. Laura

    ahh it was so hard to choose but http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=2129 is amazing! xx

  52. Laura

    liked both on facebook as Laura Parker x

  53. Yay! Awesome giveaway! So much cuteness! ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  54. 1) Go to Ji Ji Kiki and choose your favorite product then come back here and post the link as a comment (1 extra entry)

    Le Petit Lapin Silver Rabbit Necklace http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1213

    ~ Kieli ~

  55. 2) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Ji Ji Kiki Shop (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to Ji Ji Kiki) (1 extra entry)


    ~ Kieli ~

  56. Rebecca Keim

    very cute! hope to win :]

  57. 4) Follow @JiJiKiki & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter (1 extra entry)

    I follow both – @kieliheart

    ~ Kieli ~

  58. Rebecca Keim

    that was just one of my favorites ;)

  59. 5) Become a follower of Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii on Pinterest (1 extra entry)

    I follow both – http://pinterest.com/kieliheart/

    ~ Kieli ~

  60. 6) Become a fan of the Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages (1 extra entry)

    I liked both pages – Kieli Heart

    ~ Kieli ~

  61. Rebecca Keim

    I became a follower on pinterist, under my name

  62. Rebecca Keim

    i became a fan of jijikiki on facebook, and am already a fan of hawaiikawaii,lol. (under my name)

  63. Katherine martinez


    this bag is my fav and i love this give away

  64. Meghan T.

    Love it!!!!! :-D

  65. Meghan T.


    I love the vanilla cupcake kitty necklace!

  66. Meghan T.

    Twitted about it!

  67. Meghan T.

    Already a follower of HawaiiKawaii for twitter and trying to follow Ji Ji KiKi but twitter isn't loading right..

  68. Meghan T.

    following both on facebook!

  69. My favourite item is Poison Apple Ring

  70. Amy Orvin

    Thanks for the giveaway

  71. Amy Orvin

    I like the Electric Panda Cupcake Necklace

  72. Amy Orvin


  73. Amy Orvin

    following Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii on Pinterest as Amy Orvin

  74. Szappanbubi

    Ohh my delicious Cuteness! how could be such things like those that uber-adoorable!?

  75. Szappanbubi

    LOVE: Vintage Style Wooden Butterfly Brooch

  76. Szappanbubi

    twitter follower of both pretty pages @szappanbubbi

  77. Szappanbubi

    pinterest follower of both : Szappanbubi

  78. Szappanbubi

    facebook fan of both pages as Szabina Luzics

  79. aw such CUTE giveaway prizes! i want em! :)

  80. im following u both on twitter, too @cLare_beaR_

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  82. Helena Pires

    Such an awesome giveaway!!

  83. Helena Pires

    I Tweeted about this giveaway (1 extra entry)https://twitter.com/#!/yellow_kitty

  84. Helena Pires

    I Follow @JiJiKiki & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter (1 extra entry)

  85. Helena Pires

    I am a a fan of the Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages (1 extra entry) – Name is Helena Pires

  86. Oh, I love it all! That tee is too cute! Thank you for the chance to win!

  87. My favorite thing in her shop is the Flamingo Parade pink dress! SO CUTE! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  88. Laura

    follow both on twitter! @kawaiishopbelle

  89. liked on facebook! Laura Martinez or Belle's Kawaii Shop

  90. Aaaaw, what a lovely giveaway! :3

  91. -liked Hawaii Kawaii on Facebook!-

  92. -became a follower on Pinterest!-

  93. …and one more extra entry; a favourite (one of those all!) from the shop. http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=2094

  94. This cat bus plushie from Totoro is the cutest and my favorite item!


  95. I'm following Ji Ji Kiki and Hawaii Kawaii on Twitter c:

  96. I'm a fan of Ji Ji Kiki's and Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages.

  97. I'm following both Ji Ji Kiki and Hawaii Kawaii on Pintrest c: Under the same name and Facebook name

  98. Randi

    And following both on pintrest too!

  99. Emily Hutchinson

    Aaaw cute – brilliant prize :)

  100. Emily Hutchinson

    This is fabulous


    two of my favourite things in one – cats and battenburg cake LOL

  101. Lynsay

    I love pandas! <3 Such cute stuff :)

  102. Bethany Stewart

    I love everything about this website!! Kawaii makes me the happiest gurl in the world!! me! me! I wanna win! <3 :3

  103. Eloise

    ahh these are all amazing prizes!

  104. Eloise

    my favourite item (which was hard to decide!) http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1756

  105. I also follow you on Pinterest as Toadette :)!

  106. And i also following jijikiki :)!

  107. kendra

    I want allllll the cuteness!!

  108. kendra

    (And I follow you on facebook!)

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  110. mayanna

    I am lovin' this! I have also wrote a blog about this on my website (pandaholicmay.wordpress), liked both pages on Facebook and Here's my link! http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1924

  111. katy heffer

    Aww so cute!!

  112. katy heffer

    Follow both pages on facebook! :P

  113. katy heffer

    Oh and following both on Pinterest now as well :)

  114. katy heffer

    And am following on twitter! Both pages :)

  115. Rachel

    I love Ji Ji Kiki so much! Kawaii desu! <3

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  117. Ellis

    Follow @JiJiKiki & @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter: Check :D

  118. Kawaiiii! Thank you for having this contest! :) I love this blog for my daily cute!

  119. Honey Bunny

    I'm in! ^^

  120. Honey Bunny

    Have also become a fan of both Hawaii Kawaii and Ji Ji Kiki on Facebook! <3

  121. I love the Wooden Dinosaur Necklace!!! its soo cute!

  122. Lacy

    It would be so great to win such cute items! :D

  123. Lacy

    I think the Poison Apple ring is adorable!


  124. Ghia

    That Deer Love print is especially adorable!

  125. Ghia

    Also, following Hawaii Kawaii and Ji Ji Kiki on both facebook and Pinterest! ;)

  126. I have my fingers crossed and I have borrowed the fingers of my friends to cross too ;)

  127. Sarah M.

    Such cute items! Would love to have all of them! :3 I especially love the panda necklace and the shirt. <3

  128. Sarah M.

    I already liked both pages on facebook. (:

  129. Sarah M.

    Just followed Ji Ji KiKi and Hawaii Kawaii on pinterest!

  130. Sarah M.

    I have been trying to get this forever! I love it :3

  131. Millie W

    Item from store: http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1283

    I also liked the facebook page :3

  132. Natalie E

    This bird and globe necklace is just kawaii!

  133. Natalie E

    Just followed @JijiKiki and @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter.

  134. Natalie E

    Just tweeted about this awesome giveaway:)

  135. alex barraclough

    wow this stuff is so kawaii – would love to win!!!

  136. Helena Wright

    I would love to win this giveaway so much! ^_^

  137. Helena Wright

    also I followed @HawaiiKawaii and @JijiKiki on twitter :3 I really want to win this ajbfvdjbgjfdh <3

  138. Helena Wright

    http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1834 has to be my favourite item on the website! ^__^ It says 'sold out – back in stock soon' though, I should hope so! :c

  139. Helena Wright

    I'm now a fan of Hawaii Kawaii on facebook and have always been a fan of Ji Ji Kiki on facebook too! >:3 want to win so bad omg

  140. And i love, love, love… this love necklace =D

  141. Sarah

    These are gorgeous! On my way to like the facebook and twitter pages. I'm silentlybroken on both those :)

  142. Carolina Thomas

    Amazing giveaway ^_^

    Littlemamameow at gmail dot com

  143. Carolina Thomas

    I love their grumpy sheep tshirt

    Littlemamameow at gmail dot com

  144. Carolina Thomas

    Tweeted about the giveaway


    Littlemamameow at gmail dot com

  145. Carolina Thomas

    Following both on twitter @Littlemamameow

    Littlemamameow at gmail dot com

  146. Carolina Thomas

    Liked both on FB (Carolina Thomas)

    Littlemamameow at gmail dot com

  147. Coryn


    Following both on twitter!!

    And made a post about it!

  148. Lyudmila

    I would love to win because I have a birthday on June!

  149. Lyudmila

    Like the Fairground T-shirtFairground T-shirt

  150. Lyudmila

    Liked Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages as Lyudmila Sizova

  151. BlackAsphodel

    I'd love to win this!

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  152. BlackAsphodel

    Fave item: Paisley Dreams Purple Print Dress

  153. BlackAsphodel

    I follow @jijikiki and @HawaiiKawaii on Twitter as @BlackAsphodel

  154. BlackAsphodel

    I follow Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii on Pinterest as BlackAsphodel

  155. BlackAsphodel

    I liked Ji Ji Kiki & Hawaii Kawaii's Facebook pages as Black Asphodel

  156. SaffronSky


    This hedgehog cushion is adorable!!

  157. Deer print! I love deer @_@

  158. http://www.jijikiki.com/display.php?pId=1177
    Because Kiki's Delivery Service will always be my favorite Miyazaki movie <3

  159. Fan of JJKK and HK on Facebook as Princess KeyRey

  160. Omg the shop is so cute!


    KAWAII 4EVA! xxx

  162. Natalia


    ^^ My Wish List Item ^^

    Already a fan of Jijikiki for a while on facebook, just added both on twitter and Hawaii on facebook :D


  163. Emily

    OMG the ring… :') <3

  164. Cheaneulle DeRosier

    These are so cute!

  165. Laihang

    Liked both on Facebook!

    Laihang Man

  166. Laihang

    I love the t-shirt, it's soooo cute! :3

  167. Emily White

    My favourite item:

    I am a fan of both facebook pages.

    I follow both on twitter.

    I have tweeted about the giveaway :)

  168. Vicki

    What an amazing offer =D I love this website!!

  169. Vicki

    I am a fan of both Hawaii Kawaii and JiJi KiKi on facebook n_n

  170. cyane182@googlemail.com

    I would love to win these, so cute :)

  171. Please I would love to win this please, and I'm going to do all of the extra entry probably !

  172. Would love to win this so cute and such a good idea for a giveaway!
    *fingers crossed*

  173. Liza

    Followed you guys on Pinterest.

  174. Hi, If not too late I would like to participate, thanks a lot for this giveaway :)

  175. I don't know if that could count but i add your facebook page and ji ji kiki's one as favotites on my Fan page ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ca-perle-et-papote/113087785425777) I do not have a personal profile so i can't just "like" :-/

  176. Kandy

    Woo hoo! Soo cute and tiny. ^_^ Do want!

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