Kawaii Nails From Peaches And Cream

These two fantastic sets of nails were sent to me by beauty and nail experts Peaches and Cream. They specialize in high quality handmade Japanese nails in kawaii and ultra girly style.

This first set is in bright colors and the nails are decorated with cute kawaii bear faces.
Kawaii Nails Rilakkuma Nails Kawaii Nail Blog 2

This second nail set are sprinkled with pink pearls and crystal glitters. Super pretty! I thought they went perfect together with my new 2012 Jetoy schedule note. Don't you think?
Kawaii Pearl Nails Kawaii Nail Blog 2

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5 Responses to Kawaii Nails From Peaches And Cream

  1. Molly Folly


  2. Jessy-chan

    OMG! Such beautiful!!! Own!!

  3. Those are gorgeous! Are they bothersome to wear since there is more than just polish? lol

    ~ Kieli ~

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